Sunday, June 21, 2009

the end of neurology...

today i was on call for neurology, and let me tell you, sitting on my ass for 5 hours in the hospital is NO FUN. ok, i take that and A went to the VA for an hour or so to visit our patients and read some updates. why did we do that? i dunno...nobody would have known if we hadn't. we have nobody to report to about it. but it was the RIGHT thing to do. i wanted to tell my patient goodbye and check on his progress. (it's amazing at how much recovery can happen in a stroke patient in just a few days.) what really gets to me is how much my "patient" looked to me for answers...some of the stuff was common sense, etc, but really it was just the fact that he looked towards me for answers to his questions. i guess i look like i know what i'm doing sometimes, or that i sound competent...ha. when i first walked in the room he goes "i thought i was never going to see you again!" i just laughed and said that there were a few more things i wanted to check out. and then i told him that after today i hoped i never had to see him again, because that would mean that he was getting better. he agreed. he sure does like to talk though, and was a great patient to learn from. i told him to keep exercising like the physical therapist said to and NO CHEATING. i wish him as full a recovery as he can get. he's got a lot of people depending on him back at home.

well, in the end the resident we were on call with was like "the weekends are boring and nothing happens". well, it might be boring to you mr doctor man, but to us students, we think ANYTHING is something exciting. oooh, our resident is calling another doctor up to do a phone consult! ooooh! another patient in the ER with a mysterious drug-seeking headache! fun! ooh, he's filling out paperwork! let me look so i can learn! so yeah, he was trying to spare us the "boredom", so we just sat on our butts and twiddled our thumbs. i wonder how much money i spent on tuition to do that. probably at least a $100 or so...ugh. that really pisses me off. i see where he was coming from, but i'm still at that "excited to do anything" stage. blah.

yesterday me and H went kayaking on a 7 mile trip. it was a ton of fun. mini-vacations are always great and i was really thankful that he planned that trip for us. it was wonderful to get out of town and do something in the outdoors.

also, the school is pissing me off because i have yet to receive my loan moneys. nobody else has gotten their loans either. we are all without money. ugh. i'm going to be so pissed if july 1 comes around and i still haven't gotten my loan money...this is something that should have already been worked out. i just hate inefficiency. blah!

and tomorrow i start my 2 weeks of infectious disease. STD clinic, here i come! woo!

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