Tuesday, June 09, 2009

all orientated and then some...

i figure i'm sitting around till 6:00 so i can go gym, so why not blog?

yesterday's orientation was a full day of boring. alas. it made my butt hurt from sitting in that stupid chair for that long. the white coat ceremony was nice, but not necessarily needed...i didn't feel all "shiny and new" so to speak, but my name looks spiffy on my coat. (and i need to get a second one so i can put my middle initial in it and possibly get my sleeves hemmed.)

today was a big day of wtf is going on. i had medicine orientation this morning. then it was VA orientation. omg. sitting in a room just to learn how to use a computer. i'm sorry, but i know that a lot of people probably don't know how to use computers, but WE ARE ALL OF THE MODERN AGE. i could have done everything that we did in 2.5 hours on my own in less than 10 minutes.

furthermore, we hadn't heard anything from neurology yet. finally in the afternoon we meet up with neuro people, and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT NEUROLOGY. they have changed up the course somewhat from last year, and the new course director is really fired up about everything. my group is kind of getting the shaft on the timing, since we won't really start neuro until friday and the block is only 2 weeks long! but it works out in the end...we get a few perks as being the first guinea pig group.

so tonight i will be studying for ACLS...i renewed my BLS skills today and the instructor said that i did an EXCELLENT JOB. that's right kids, EXCELLENT. that made me super happy. not that BLS is hard or anything, but still...that's POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.

ok, so i'm off to gym and to grocery shop. chao.

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