Friday, May 08, 2009

step 1 study: day 9

i'm not going to lie...studying for this exam is really hard, mentally and physically. for the past 4 days i've been getting up, going to school, bunkering down in a room, and reading. then i eat lunch. then do questions, which evidently i suck majorly on, and then feel sad and depressed. then i come home. i've been forcing myself to do some gymming every other day so i can at least stay healthy. so between that, and eating, i get my "evening" break in. then it's more studying until i end up falling asleep with the computer in my lap.

yesterday i had an epiphany that the way i have been studying (up until the epiphany) was all wrong for me. before i was doing a random question block (48 q's), and then reviewing all the answers. nothing was improving for me, in fact, it seemed like i was regressing. so i had my epiphany and now i'm going to do systems-oriented question blocks in tutor mode, which means as soon as i click my answer the explanation pops up. instant feedback, and my brain is able to go YAY or OOPS and fix. i'm writing notes as i go. of course, i should do some random blocks here and there to gauge my progress, but this new way, at least i'll be able to retain more of what i read in the morning.

last night H and i went and hung out in this "hip" little area around the school. we ate burgers outside on a porch, and then walked around a little bit. we went and had a beer at a restaurant advertising a happy hour, ran into some friends, and then came home. it was quite refreshing. and since today i'm not going to campus to study, it's almost like a new beginning. something like that.

so since my schedule said today was to finish up hem/onc, but i read it all yesterday, i'm going to take the opportunity to finish reading up on endocrine physiology and read up on some more cardiology. the 2 practice tests i've taken tell me that my 3 worst areas (i mean, i'm bad all around, but alas) are physiology, cardiology, and pharmacology. i understand why all 3 are bad, because physiology is tough, cardiology is basically a whole ton of phys, and pharmacology, eek! (random, i'm so glad i passed that class with a good grade! it was technically my worst class of the year, and my board score is laughable compared to all my other ones. but it's over.)

the nice thing about step studying is that everyone above us has "been there before". the other day i was taking a time out from myself and must have had a horrible facial expression, because a bunch of M3s who saw me sitting there came up to me and said some of the most encouraging things. i have to say, it did make me feel better.

ok, now i will wash dishes that i have been neglecting for a few days and read. i will then eat lunch, and go to my favorite coffee shop and hammer out questions. hopefully today will be better than the last couple.

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allison said...

Sounds like you're being much more productive than I am. I've got to step it up! Just haven't wanted to let go of sleeping 8-12 hours a night yet. I'm lazy.
About the world questions - I work them in sets of 5 or 10 (but work 20-50 in one sitting). For some reason it's more bearable to go over the reasoning behind each answer almost immediately after picking it.