Saturday, May 02, 2009

step 1 study: day 3

so day 1 of studying was good. day 2? eh, i was able to get my embryology and genetics in like i wanted, but i didn't even start up on biochem. but now that i think about it, it may be better to sprinkle biochem throughout my study rather than spend a day on it, because that is probably my absolute weakest subject.

also, yesterday and today is packed with wedding festivities. not MY wedding, but the wedding that i'm maid of honor in, and yes, last night during the toasts i cried my butt off. (wasn't expecting to cry, but as soon as i stood up, BAM. tears. alas. but i still managed to say everything and got some laughs...haha. but i'm a cryer...hopefully that means i won't cry tonight during the actual ceremony.) my friend that is getting married is jetting off soon to genetic counseling school. i don't know what i'm going to do! she is my non-med school friend who knows about all things medical so that she understands EVERYTHING that i complain/whine/moan/etc about. but she's moving off to a city where i can take STEP 2 in, so yay for free room and board!

i'm going to start reading up on my cardiology unit...what i've done is devoted 2 days each to the various organ systems. first i'll read up on the anatomy and physiology on the first day. then all afternoon i'll be doing questions and reviewing said questions. in the evening, i'll review stuff already studied, most likely by reading through first aid...and read biochem! i've also scheduled a few "total review" days and threw a few practice tests in there as well. from my research on SDN, if you just commit first aid to memory, then you're good. haha! (also, if you are not familiar with that site, please visit it. they have all kinds of helpful tidbits and interview feedback, etc.)

so here's to the heart...woo hoo!

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