Monday, May 18, 2009

step 1 study: day 19

this morning i woke up to the sound of cats mating. i know, gross, but alas. all the howls, cries, etc, just eew. get a room! haha...

i took my practice test at the center today. i'm glad i did because now i feel very comfortable with the setting and the timing of everything and whatnot. now i know there's a microwave i can use, just in case, though i may go the sandwich route instead just to not have to worry about that. i made a decent score...according to some online calculator i found it correlates to a score that shows that i am making improvement, which is always good. not quite to what i really would like to have, but better than where i started.

i'm almost done with reading through all the systems in first aid...just have to finish biochem, immuno and micro, and behavioral sciences. oh, and reproductive. it sounds like a lot, but actually, the only horribly long section is biochem. the other stuff i enjoy reading so it's not so bad. i want to read through the pathology rapid review this week as well, and do more questions. also should do another practice test or 2.

aaak! it's coming up soon!

and i've decided to get a pda for reals...J, thanks for that website link. i'll probably visit it more once i get my new toy. i think before i gym tonight i'm going to check out the local tech store and see if they have any on display so i can see it before i order it online.


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