Sunday, May 17, 2009

step 1 study: day 18

my birthday yesterday was tons of fun! thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday certainly means a lot to me. i got to hang out with my family and some of my good friends. i'm glad everything turned out low-key...that's how i prefer things anyway.

but now, alas, i am a day behind in my studying. EGADS!!! ha, no big deal...i'll just try and double up today. i take my practice step 1 at the real center tomorrow at 9:00 am...i know it's only 150 questions, so a part of me is tempted to do another nbme in the afternoon to simulate "all day testing". maybe i'll do that on tuesday...just depends if the test at the site tomorrow will give me a bar graph score sheet. i really depend on those to see if i'm improving.

i'm getting more and more freaked out about this thing! i'm in my final push...10 days from now i'll be sitting to take the real thing, and i am nowhere near on my practice scores where i'd like to be. i'm scared. boo that.

ok today will be:

- psych/behavioral sciences
- reproductive stuff
- questions
- going over more biochem if i have time


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allison said...

Thanks for the comment :) It makes me feel better knowing that not everyone is feeling super-great about this whole process...