Friday, May 15, 2009

step 1 study: day 16

today's agenda:

- read GI
- questions questions questions
- biochem?
- day before birthday dinner of some sort with H!!!

that's right kiddos, frylime is getting her first real massage EVER part "birthday present to myself", one part "omg step studying is killing me", and one part "self-induced right latissimus dorsi overuse injury secondary to overzealous vegetable chopping techniques". H has ordered me to not chop veggies anymore, and that he would do it for me. how LAME is that? i guess my chopping techniques just suck. just like my usmle world qbank overall correct percent. alas!

tomorrow for birthday plans my family is driving over to eat brother's birthday was on monday, so my parents are being efficient and pushing our two celebrations together. i think we're going to go to a local pizza place where we can sit outside on the porch and have "upscale" pizza, but then there are hamburgers and pastas at the ready just in case. and i can have a beer. or 10. haha! i'm excited about getting older...i'll be turning 24. i like it...2*12, 3*8, 4*6...i likes it very much!

i'm still having my mini-freak outs...yesterday wasn't as bad as they have been. i did 2 question blocks of 25 questions each and actually had a little bit of improvement. i have 1290 questions left...i know i can finish them all and them some...well, i need to go over all the marked ones and incorrect ones for sure. just got to ramp it up up up!

on wednesday my GIRL GANG and i decided that once step scores come out for real, we are NOT sharing. we've been sharing progress and what not, practice scores vaguely and whatever, but for the real deal, our lips are zipped. i don't think anyone was planning on telling their scores anyway, but at least we officially said it so nobody feels obligated. the step 1 score, i guess you could compare that to "the number of people you've been with", so to speak...just an example for the average joe out there reading. it's just not something you ask or give out, unless you're really arrogant or trying to show off or something. the only people that will know my score are me, the appropriate faculty, and residency programs. and maybe i'll tell H, but that's it. not even going to mention it to my parents...

ok, let me get on to studying...!


allison said...

Hooray for a massage!!! You deserve it :) Happy early birthday!

OleMissBabyDoc said...

Haha, thanks so much! I'm only pre-studying until I quit work, and only because it's the best thing I can do with 9 hours behind a desk. I plan on playing a lot this summer :)

Those darn MC kids, Carey's bitter rivals. Sounds like I've got much fun ahead!