Thursday, May 28, 2009

step 1, the recap

first of all, omg i am so glad that the test is over. i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

timeline of the day:

- woke up, fell outta bed, dragged a comb across my head...ha, no seriously, that's what i did. i had some yummy muffins for breakfast that my awesome friend brought over the night before. i packed my lunch and some snacks. i looked over heart murmurs and the cardiac output cycle chart thingy because i always confuse mitral and aortic valve closings for some odd reason.

- left my place at 8:00, got to the test center about 8:15. they weren't letting anyone in yet, and there was a nice sized crowd of folks from my class there. we chatted nervously about the doom to come.

- they let us in the waiting room. i won't name names, but OMG SOMEONE WAS SOO F'ING ANNOYING. he kept saying things like "there's 50 questions per block!" there's only 48. "there's no calculator on the test". YES THERE IS YOU IDIOT. "there's a word highlight limit." wtf you counted all the words you can highlight? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. i never wanted to slap someone so badly before. and then other people were talking about "so and so makes ___% on their world blocks, blah blah." i really wanted to just tell everyone to chill the something out because I DON'T CARE.

- the testing folks call me back. i got seated in the corner. i felt like i was calm enough, but after the tutorial ended, and the first block began, i was FREAKING hands were shaking, heart racing, the whole 9 yards. i don't remember anything from that block at all.

- after block 3 i think, i started having a massive left sided frontal/temporal headache. my face went numb. i thought OMG I'M HAVING A CONVERSION DISORDER DUE TO STEP EXPOSURE, but then, i guess it can't be conversion disorder if you know it's happening, i suppose.

- to shorten a long story, i took breaks after every block. i used the full hour for each block...i was testing a lot more slowly than i normally do. just fyi...when there's 2 minutes left in the block, a pop-up will tell you. DON'T LET IT FREAK YOU OUT. because i sure was NOT expecting it a few times. also, i had about 3-4 audio questions. all heart murmurs. i'm so glad i looked at the heart murmurs that morning, but i have no idea if it helped me out or not.

to sum up the test experience, i honestly have no idea how i think i did. sure, there were questions i knew the answer to immediately, and then there were the OMG I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. and then there were the ones were i'm going I KNOW THIS ANSWER, and then they state the answer in the vignette. and i'm like, damn. when i left the testing center, my body and brain was so exhausted, i started to cry. not like the "i just failed" kind of cry, but "i'm so confused i don't know what to do". i quickly stopped, called a friend on the way home, and just verbally dumped all my emotions on her. (thanks for listening!) H was at my place when i got back, and that was really nice too. we ate dinner with A and her husband at a fancy restaurant...i got the lamb chops and they were delicious. and a glass of my favorite beer. woo.

so here's to hoping that i passed. i'm sure i did, but alas. i'm just glad that my desired field is not at all competitive. goal 1: to pass the step. goal 2: hopefully i have a 2-- as my score...haha!

now i'm going to make some strawberry cupcakes with kahlua buttercream frosting. make a cupcake delivery. and then eat lunch with some friends. it's nice to not have any responsibilities but having fun. girls only beach trip is next week! road trip with H is this weekend! life can't get any better.


allison said...

Thanks for the follow-up report. I've been wondering how it was. I have a feeling I'll be freaking out the first block as well. I hope people aren't being super annoying there tomorrow morning. I might have to take my iPod and tune them out!

Looking forward to beach time. Woo!

Dr. French Fry said...

Ahhh! I take it in five days and can totally picture the annoying people talking about their World and Kaplan percentages already. Congrats on being done. I envy you!