Tuesday, May 19, 2009

step 1 nightmare (also day 20 of study)

just had to share this:

sometime last night? this morning? who knows...anyways...i had a dream that we were waiting to get our step 1 scores back. for some reason they had the score printouts and left them in our chairs where we sit in the auditorium for class. H was with me to get my score...i run to the chair where i have ALWAYS sat for the past 2 years, and grab my score sheet. the number says "252" and i freak out and get really excited. i look again after i've calmed down and it doesn't say my name. uh oh. so then we start looking around, i'm in a panic, and the paper on the chair next to me had my name. i read it, and the score said "64". i then woke up crying.

just fyi:

you gotta have a 185 to pass. 220 or so is average. 252 is unfreakingbelievablyawesome. 64? is that even possible? boo.


and with that, i am refining an abstract to submit to another conference...cross your fingers that i get accepted to present! poster or platform, no big deal either way. i just want to go!

after that, more reading. behavioral science, reproductive, biochem, and immunology. egads. i have much to catch up, i may just do a few questions later tonight instead of my normal afternoon question session.

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