Thursday, April 02, 2009

yay! i can just be a normal student now...

last night's PIG roast was a success!!! thank you to all who came and helped right hand lady, A, and i managed to throw a heck of a party. the doctors that came were impressed. the DEPARTMENT CHAIR was super impressed and walked around in a state of shock mumbling "there are so many people here...this is such a great". we had a ton of residents who left full of food and happy. also, had a TON of folks show up at the door to get all i think we had around 135 tickets sold, wow. now i just need to write up the appropriate thank you notes and send out some emails and round up some reimbursements...then i can wash my hands of PIG! well, not wash hands totally, but i can officially say that the "hard part" is over. and i couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. thanks everyone!

now i can just kick back and study normal things and step 1 stuff. only 6 more days of class after today! it's so hard to believe sometimes...yay!

also, funny story from yesterday that i will remember for the rest of my life. we practiced venipuncture, a.k.a. drawing BLOOD from people...from EACH OTHER. omg. those of you that know me know that i HATE HATE HATE blood and whatnot in uncontrolled situations. (ironically, my visits to donate platelets has not helped me get over my uneasiness at all, but i can stand the pain of being stuck better.) yesterday my friend K told me i could stick her, but since she's already signed off on knowing her blood sticking skills, she didn't feel the urge to stick me. (thanks K!) so we're with some friends, and i'm watching S stick some folks with such ease, but he's had tons of practice already...alas. i hold a tube of blood that was freshly drawn from R and was rotating it. i felt the warmth...UGH. i felt a wave go through me and i squatted down and then had to walk out and get a drink of water. i come back feeling better, i watch another blood draw, then decide it's TIME. K and i sit down, i'm all ready to go, freaked out of my mind, and start the process. JAB. oops...i hit her bicep! aaah! K goes NOT THERE. haha...ok. throw that needle away. the "worst case scenario" just happened (for me at least, i was so worried about making her have pain). my jitters go down just a bit...second needle, getting ready, then all of a sudden R goes "HEY FRYLIME LOOK OVER HERE." i look, and OMG A.B IS SITTING THERE WITH BLOOD SQUIRTING OUT OF HER ARM!!! the needle had popped out, the tourniquet was still on and THERE IS BLOOD...!!! i freak out and just starting crying...then i started laughing at the abusrdity, everyone's laughing, i start laugh/crying because my brain is confused...OMG!!! then i stick K again, just a bit too swiftly (she made a face), but yay! blood came out! and the whole time i am screaming at people to shut up talking to me. (people never learn.) but i did my thing and now i can say that i've officially drawn blood. K said i did a good job. yay.

oh, and i got my blood drawn yesterday from a PROFESSIONAL for a research study i saw advertised...hey, it was an easy $25! now i'm thinking about doing another blood draw study and getting the HPV vaccine all for the sake of research...i vaccines? more money? i'm your girl!

here's to hoping thursday is much calmer than yesterday...cheers!

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allison said...

I love your summary of yesterday's events. I had no idea you were really so freaked out by "the blood" or I wouldn't have teased you. Hey, at least I didn't give you eye herpes, right?