Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ugh, heads up.

if you're about to start med school or are ever thinking about med school, this blog is for you.

this morning i did the LOVELY task of balancing my checkbook and paying bills (signed up for e-bills, huzzah!), and much to my chagrin, i will have almost NO MONEY until my loans come in. when will they come in? i dunno, june? blah. people, learn how to budget. ok, so i DO know how to budget, and i must admit i feel like i do a good job, but ugh, it always comes down to the unexpected expenses that happen every few months. boo.

i need my new loan disbursement. starting with this new cycle, it will all be on me to support myself. my parents have decided to stop their stipend, which is fine. doesn't bother me in the least bit. loans are loans, and i have so much debt right now that it's not a big deal to just add more...haha. plus a lot of hospitals, as a recruiting tool, are paying off loans for a certain number of years "to be worked", so i'm not worried about having to pay it all back. it's just the curse of becoming a doctor.

my aggravation comes with the damn STOCK MARKET. i put my extra loan moneys in a mutual fund so it could grow, etc. that worked out perfectly for a while. then the ECONOMIC CRISIS. ugh. so now most of my "frylime's bank account needs a shot in the arm" money is tied up in this stupid mutual fund. i refuse to touch it, lest i LOSE money. thank goodness i have a tiny bit in savings to hold me over, but still. it's MY money in that mutual fund, but i can't touch any of it. i'm letting it grow to where it equals the amount it would have been had i just left it in the bank, and then withdrawing the hell out of it.

so my PEARLS of wisdom...just an aside, med school is all about learning some damn PEARLS. i didn't know pearls were wise until i started school. ok, so my wise pearls: DON'T PUT MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET. wait, let me revise that statement: MAKE SURE YOU PUT A CRAP-TON OF MONEY IN SAVINGS IF YOU'RE GOING TO PUT SOME MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET. that way you don't end up like me going down to the last penny in your savings account whenever you balance your checkbook. it's all fun to play with the stock market, but not so much when you NEED money and can't take it out. i would rather just scrimp and save and be a horrible miser than take money out of my mutual fund and LOSE it! it just pisses me off...i have all this money, but i can't touch it. ugh, when will people learn to treat mutual funds like savings accounts and not DAY TRADE. these stupid folks have made it worse for people like ME and for people who use those things as their retirement funds or rainy day funds or whatever. and i am not about to ask my parents for MORE money! i do not play that game! this is my life now and alas, i need to experience it for myself.

i'm just glad that my next month is all step 1 studying. it's not like i'm going to have the time to go out and play, so it will be easy to save some money. my only "big" purchase for may will be for buying contacts.

also, i got my nielson ratings booklet, and they just so happened to put $30 in it. funny how some cash lands in your pocket at the weirdest times.

ok, end rant. just a head's up. i'm just complaining about life. and i'm not about to be POOR and need welfare or anything...just aggravated.

also, i hate pharm.


allison said...

I agree. I don't think they give us enough money though - I don't think we're all bad money managers. $38,000 sounds like a lot until they take away $11,000 for tuition and $6,000 for health insurance (if you're married and get it through the school). Then you're left with $21,000 - is that at or below poverty level? I think it's somewhere close.

frylime said...

looks like you JUST missed the poverty level...for a household of 2 people, it's $14,570.


still though, it sucks! the day i finally get all my loans paid off will be a fine day...

OleMissBabyDoc said...

The TV rating thing is fun... and the $$ is great!