Monday, April 27, 2009


today i finally joined the ranks of other haggard medical students...

today i finally got my first PAGER!!!


i've already paged myself a few times, har har har. it's all 80's and big and retro and i can't wait to put some sparkles on it a la paris hilton. it has various beeps and vibrations and it even has an alarm! and it's numeric only...old school!

i was thinking OMG we're going to have to come up with secret codes so we can page each other all the time! then i realized, all my friends have cell phones, and we can all text. boo!

only one more board exam left on wednesday...then it's all STEP all the time. oh yeah baby oh yeah. i'll probably try and document my studying on the blog. motivation. alas.

so now it's shower time, then pharm study time. i'm so excited pharm is nearly OVER!!! and then, M2 YEAR IS OVER!!!


janae' said...

congrats on pagerhood.... :)

can't wait to hang out again... i miss you guys!!!

allison said...

Ha ha ha - sparkle pager!!! Kris told me I had to gussy mine up with some rhinestones as well. This could get interesting. Maybe we should have a pager party? Any excuse.