Thursday, April 16, 2009

only 1 more test!

so i've managed to not have significant detriment to any of my grades this week so far. yay.

this morning i got someone to come by and fix my dell laptop. i am now the proud owner of a new LCD screen! i know dell gets a bad rap sometimes, but honestly, the problems i've had only involve "cosmetic" things, batteries, and power cords. no hard drive problems so far. and i have a great insurance plan so that dell fixes everything for free. so who cares if it breaks a lot when it gets fixed for free? and i back up my files all the time so that's not ever really an issue. i'm sure though that if i get the blue screen of death a few times too many i might be singing a different tune, but for now, i'm happy. i don't think i could make the switch to mac...i like my 2 clicker mouse pad a little too much.

last night for dinner i braised a lamb shank with onions, garlic, apples and red wine. i spiced it up with salt, pepper, cinnamon, coriander, mint, cumin and paprika. i served it alongside some fresh green beans and some of H's fabulous mac and cheddar cheese. it was such a colorful dinner! and i LOVE lamb. i wish i could eat more, but down where i am it's not as popular as the chicken and the cow...alas. it felt good to cook something that was so comfort food but with a twist. the technique i used for the lamb is similar to cooking coq a vin, if any of you are familiar with that dish.

also, the farmer's market near me has opened up again. i'm so happy!

for lunch today i made a pan grilled tomato and fresh mozarella cheese sandwich. delicious!

i need more food suggestions to cook...i just love cooking up new things. i really want to try cooking a rack of lamb, but alas, i am not that rich.

ok, back to the adrenal gland. they are ooey and gooey and full of stuff. just so you know. i'm so excited that i am ALMOST DONE with M2 year! the boards won't be too hard, at least in my previous experiences with them, they are usually really good and fair tests. then the step, which i can't wait to start really studying for. yay!

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OleMissBabyDoc said...

Dell has always been my favorite. I purchased a brand-spankin' new one for M1. It's sitting in its little bag, just ready for class... haha.

However, there's nothing wrong with my old one - so it's moving to Jackson too.