Friday, April 17, 2009

no more block exams!

i was so excited about no more block exams that i came home and took a nap. woo! then i ate some lunch. then i called around to see if any mexican restaurants were having a happy hour and there were NONE! so sad! alas, i think me and K will still get our margarita fix somewhere...

there is a ton of dishes staring at me in the kitchen to be washed. boo!

methinks i will soon go shopping for some wedding/shower gifts. i am spending way too much money on other people! i need to have some life changing event soon so i can get presents...maybe we should throw a "we finally got the M" party before M3 year starts! but when would i get the M...before step? after step? once i get the step grade? blah.

i need to pick up my workout schedule TODAY. i have been slacking off the last week or so because of studying and's inevitable. i'm usually pretty disciplined when it comes to exercise, but during tests, it's really hit or miss. i think i'm going to have to postpone my mini-triathlon for the year until later in the year, because seeing that i still can't run a mile without stopping (though i've been getting better!), i don't think a triathlon would be doable. i can swim and bike though, no problem.

my next exam is the pathology board. shouldn't be too awful. i like boards...they're national standardized exams. they make me happy.

ok, errands time and whatnot. then later, a margarita on the rocks!

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