Saturday, April 11, 2009

less than 3 weeks!

yesterday was our last day of "real" class, and might i add that it was a GREAT lecture day! for some reason, the stars and moons were aligned or whatever, every lecturer was phenomenal! i mean, if class was like that every day, people would always show up. anyways, i really enjoyed everything and it was a happy day.

this morning i made some pancakes and forgot the freaking SALT in the batter. blah. i NEVER do that...this marks my second time to ever forget salt in my baking. alas.

also yesterday my wallet started dying. the zipper that zips all around it starting coming undone in a way that will be nearly impossible to fix. i am mad. it takes me FOREVER to find wallets, bags, other organizational products, etc, so now i am consumed with this need to find a new wallet but STUDY?!?!?!! aaah! this is horrible! but i'm looking at this opportunity as a chance to "step up"...find something slimmer and possibly nicer looking, but ugh. my wallet is a timbuk2 awesome wallet, but now timbuk2 doesn't make wallets anymore that i like. blah.

today my plans are just to study pharm, genetics, and go to a wedding shower later tonight. also, i need to go to the gym at some point to say i was a good healthy person today. maybe, just maybe, i'll indulge in a wallet shopping trip to the mall. or at least a search and destroy outing. and i'll buy nothing. wallets are so personal, ugh.

the more i think about actually becoming an M3 granted i pass everything...which at this point, i'm actually PASSING ALL MY CLASSES...the more excited i get. i'm in no danger in failing anything! (knock on wood...ha!) haha...flashback to M1 year, and omg, the horrors! it's crazy to think that at several points in my M1 year(s), i actually thought that i wasn't going to be able to become a doctor. i made my "plan b" for my life for the "just in cases". but here i am, doing histories and physicals and actually doing a decent job at them, learning all this cool stuff, and it really seems like it's going to happen. and that's a good feeling. i really enjoy what i'm doing more and more...advice to those about to start or are in M1 really does get better. M1 year sucks butt, but after that, it does get better. i'm sure M3 year will suck so bad, but then again, one step closer to doing what i REALLY want to do, and that is the best thing ever.

ok, now to learn about toxic drugs and whatnot. yeah, drugs of bioterrorism is really helping to assuage my paranoia. alas.


allison said...

Agreed with all the stuff in your post, but have a question...

Where did you hear "just in cases?" I've caught myself saying it several times because I heard it somewhere (a movie, no doubt) but now I can't remember where. Spanglish maybe? Random.

Good luck wallet hunting :)

frylime said...

ha, the "just in cases"...sometimes H and i will randomly pluralize words that aren't supposed to be plural...i know weird. but now that you mention it, i put it in google, and it's in LOVE ACTUALLY! remember the portuguese girl tell the english man at the end that? i LOVE that movie!