Saturday, April 18, 2009

i'm so excited about today...

because i'm going to eat KOREAN FOOD!!!

i swear, wherever i go to residency has to have a delicious korean restaurant in the near vicinity. seriously.

also, i had fun hanging out with some of my peeps last night. i just wish sometimes that i didn't have the defective aldehyde dehydrogenase. or maybe i just suck because i'm a girl. hahaha.

also also, i love that whenever you get a few med students a little liquored up, the conversations that ensue are GREAT. the wife of one of my med student friends kept saying "those people keep staring at us!" and we're like WHO CARES VAGINA IS A REAL WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. or something like that. it's great. americans are so prudish anyway...we're just doing our part to desensitize people.

ok, time to scrounge up a bit o' breakfast, shower, and get some gas in the ol' car so H and i can trek it to korean food fun and to a wedding. and it's going to be a catholic wedding. you know what that means...WOO!

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