Tuesday, April 07, 2009

got bored, so took the U of VA medical specialty aptitude test

you can take the test here. and here are my top 12:

1 radiology
2 occupational med
3 nuclear med
4 pediatrics
5 pathology
6 rheumatology
7 nephrology
8 dermatology
9 radiation oncology
10 med oncology
11 hematology
12 thoracic surgery

very interesting. i put the top "12" because for the last 4 options or so, i had the same score on the test. which i think is quite arbitrary.

is it any surprise that the last choice (out of 36 options) was: CARDIOLOGY?!?!?!


it is interesting though...at this point i have to say pediatrics 95% and pathology 5%. however, i do not foresee myself doing a general peds...when i say peds of course i mean specialize in something...namely genetics (at this point). and when i look at my top 12 list, the common thread is that most of the specialties involve doing a lot of "thinking" and long-term keeping up with people. well, the more clinically oriented specialties. and some of them require you to be ok with accepting incomplete answers. so let's play:

radiology: eh, don't want to play radiology. sit in the dark all day and worry that your job is going to be outsourced to india. alas.
occupational med: what exactly is this?
nuclear med: actually, was interested in this at one point...the whole "blast people with ions and radiation" appealed to my chemical engineering brain at one point.
pediatrics: of course! but no GENERAL peds...!!!
pathology: no suprise here as well.
rheumatology: NO NO NO NO NO NO. all you would see is arthritis and lupus. blah!
nephrology: UGH NO. KIDNEYS? PUH-LEASE. i hate renal. all dialysis, hypertension...boring.
dermatology: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! like i could ever do derm...it would be so boring too. let me look at your zits. moles? alas.
radiation oncology: this would be cool...evidently it's a lot of number crunching and physics and stuff. just never really seen it up close.
med oncology: also flirted with this idea once. evidently not as number savvy as the above specialty. (i think these people are more the "organizers" of the care, where the rad onc folks are the ones blasting the patients with radiation.) then i shadowed a peds hem/onc doctor...and he was weird and boring. alas.
hematology: hmmm...i don't really know. i have a fear of blood...being a hemotologist probably wouldn't do well? if i did pathology, i think i could be wooed into doing a blood banking fellowship. that stuff is cool.
thoracic surgery: well, i did a good job sawing off ribs in gross anatomy, but honestly, surgery is NOT FOR ME. HECK NO I WON'T GO.

so i hope that was a fun game...haha. next year will be great in confirming/denying what i've always thought. though i am a person who tends to know what the goal is and stick to it. so i probably won't change. i'll just get more jaded.

oh, and another confirmation as to why i can't do surgery, etc. a picture just popped up in the lecture of a rotted off foot due to a snake bite. my immediate thought was YUCK UGH WHY. and then K's thought was WICKED. yeah. i can't be a surgeon.


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OleMissBabyDoc said...

Cardiology was my last choice too. Ha!

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