Wednesday, April 29, 2009

done with M2!!!

finally done with my M2 year, pending my board exam results and final grades yadda yadda!!!

this is so exciting!!!

after the board some friends and H and i went to a pizza place and sat outside on the porch and just had a grand time. after that, ICE CREAM!!! i hadn't had ice cream in a waffle cone in AGES. like, at least 3 years! then we went and walked around a bit, so nice to just have nothing to do.

the only pertinent things now are figure out my money situation and STEP 1!!!

my step 1 schedule begins tomorrow...9:00 am diagnostic test from uworld (usmle world) qbank. that's another thing i need to do...draw out my schedule for everything so i can be organized with my studying. i'll probably post it online sometime...eek!

so now i'm chillin' for the rest of the evenin'...woo!

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