Sunday, April 12, 2009


commence the week long freakout.


it was nice knowing all of you...


allison said...

i HATE the pharm. that is all.

Laura said...

I'll gladly refer them to you. So far, there's only people on my list of "people in my class who I will never refer to." This case was interesting mostly because it didn't matter if the patient had the disease or not (hemochromatosis) because they were already being treated for a variety of things (not related to the liver at all). And their liver enzymes are monitored regularly. Knowing that, the family just wanted to see what their makeups we were able to get the test. Anything with cooler (or creepier) genetics would get sent to Bock & Co. And it turns out the guy didn't have it anyway. But it is nice to know how to order genetic testing!