Thursday, April 30, 2009

step 1 study: day 1

ummm, yeah.

took the usmle world diagnostic 1 test this morning. when i saw my score, i could breath a TINY sigh of relief, but more importantly, it lit a fire of OMG STUDY under my butt!

last night i made out my study schedule, and it's going to be hard, but i've got to do it. 27 days of plan is to read all morning the subject i've assigned myself, questions in the afternoon (that means do a set and review the set), and then in the evening more reading/review. i'll probably gym in the morning or late afternoon, whatever works best. and while today i'm at school, i think for the most part i'll skip around so i don't get bored of my location.

so now i'm going to review all the questions from this morning's diagnostic, go home and start doing some errands and exercise. then read. all. night. long. alas. oh yeah, i got to clean my apartment as well. joy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

done with M2!!!

finally done with my M2 year, pending my board exam results and final grades yadda yadda!!!

this is so exciting!!!

after the board some friends and H and i went to a pizza place and sat outside on the porch and just had a grand time. after that, ICE CREAM!!! i hadn't had ice cream in a waffle cone in AGES. like, at least 3 years! then we went and walked around a bit, so nice to just have nothing to do.

the only pertinent things now are figure out my money situation and STEP 1!!!

my step 1 schedule begins tomorrow...9:00 am diagnostic test from uworld (usmle world) qbank. that's another thing i need to do...draw out my schedule for everything so i can be organized with my studying. i'll probably post it online sometime...eek!

so now i'm chillin' for the rest of the evenin'...woo!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ugh, heads up.

if you're about to start med school or are ever thinking about med school, this blog is for you.

this morning i did the LOVELY task of balancing my checkbook and paying bills (signed up for e-bills, huzzah!), and much to my chagrin, i will have almost NO MONEY until my loans come in. when will they come in? i dunno, june? blah. people, learn how to budget. ok, so i DO know how to budget, and i must admit i feel like i do a good job, but ugh, it always comes down to the unexpected expenses that happen every few months. boo.

i need my new loan disbursement. starting with this new cycle, it will all be on me to support myself. my parents have decided to stop their stipend, which is fine. doesn't bother me in the least bit. loans are loans, and i have so much debt right now that it's not a big deal to just add more...haha. plus a lot of hospitals, as a recruiting tool, are paying off loans for a certain number of years "to be worked", so i'm not worried about having to pay it all back. it's just the curse of becoming a doctor.

my aggravation comes with the damn STOCK MARKET. i put my extra loan moneys in a mutual fund so it could grow, etc. that worked out perfectly for a while. then the ECONOMIC CRISIS. ugh. so now most of my "frylime's bank account needs a shot in the arm" money is tied up in this stupid mutual fund. i refuse to touch it, lest i LOSE money. thank goodness i have a tiny bit in savings to hold me over, but still. it's MY money in that mutual fund, but i can't touch any of it. i'm letting it grow to where it equals the amount it would have been had i just left it in the bank, and then withdrawing the hell out of it.

so my PEARLS of wisdom...just an aside, med school is all about learning some damn PEARLS. i didn't know pearls were wise until i started school. ok, so my wise pearls: DON'T PUT MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET. wait, let me revise that statement: MAKE SURE YOU PUT A CRAP-TON OF MONEY IN SAVINGS IF YOU'RE GOING TO PUT SOME MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET. that way you don't end up like me going down to the last penny in your savings account whenever you balance your checkbook. it's all fun to play with the stock market, but not so much when you NEED money and can't take it out. i would rather just scrimp and save and be a horrible miser than take money out of my mutual fund and LOSE it! it just pisses me off...i have all this money, but i can't touch it. ugh, when will people learn to treat mutual funds like savings accounts and not DAY TRADE. these stupid folks have made it worse for people like ME and for people who use those things as their retirement funds or rainy day funds or whatever. and i am not about to ask my parents for MORE money! i do not play that game! this is my life now and alas, i need to experience it for myself.

i'm just glad that my next month is all step 1 studying. it's not like i'm going to have the time to go out and play, so it will be easy to save some money. my only "big" purchase for may will be for buying contacts.

also, i got my nielson ratings booklet, and they just so happened to put $30 in it. funny how some cash lands in your pocket at the weirdest times.

ok, end rant. just a head's up. i'm just complaining about life. and i'm not about to be POOR and need welfare or anything...just aggravated.

also, i hate pharm.

Monday, April 27, 2009


ok, why are people googling PIG VAGINAL EXAM to get to my blog?

this is disturbing.


today i finally joined the ranks of other haggard medical students...

today i finally got my first PAGER!!!


i've already paged myself a few times, har har har. it's all 80's and big and retro and i can't wait to put some sparkles on it a la paris hilton. it has various beeps and vibrations and it even has an alarm! and it's numeric only...old school!

i was thinking OMG we're going to have to come up with secret codes so we can page each other all the time! then i realized, all my friends have cell phones, and we can all text. boo!

only one more board exam left on wednesday...then it's all STEP all the time. oh yeah baby oh yeah. i'll probably try and document my studying on the blog. motivation. alas.

so now it's shower time, then pharm study time. i'm so excited pharm is nearly OVER!!! and then, M2 YEAR IS OVER!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

studying is boring and omg semi-rant!

studying for the path board is proving to be harder than i thought, just because i'm bored with it. i want to move on to more things! i think it wouldn't be so bad, but our last block test was path and the first board is path, so i'm like, ENOUGH WITH PATH!!! i'll get my wish soon enough...

and for semi-rant...certain people in my class make me want to bang my head against the wall. i must admit that i have a list...hopefully as we mature into older, wiser, and better people (and doctors), that list will have become null and void. but for now, i have a list. these people could "maybe" doctor on me, but i will refuse to let them lay hands on any of my friends and family. at least for now.

ok, lunch and then studying some more.

Monday, April 20, 2009

me on my GI block...

yeah, this is probably going to be how i am. after taking valium. lots and lots of valium.

in other news, studying for boards is really really boring. alas.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i'm so excited about today...

because i'm going to eat KOREAN FOOD!!!

i swear, wherever i go to residency has to have a delicious korean restaurant in the near vicinity. seriously.

also, i had fun hanging out with some of my peeps last night. i just wish sometimes that i didn't have the defective aldehyde dehydrogenase. or maybe i just suck because i'm a girl. hahaha.

also also, i love that whenever you get a few med students a little liquored up, the conversations that ensue are GREAT. the wife of one of my med student friends kept saying "those people keep staring at us!" and we're like WHO CARES VAGINA IS A REAL WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. or something like that. it's great. americans are so prudish anyway...we're just doing our part to desensitize people.

ok, time to scrounge up a bit o' breakfast, shower, and get some gas in the ol' car so H and i can trek it to korean food fun and to a wedding. and it's going to be a catholic wedding. you know what that means...WOO!

Friday, April 17, 2009

no more block exams!

i was so excited about no more block exams that i came home and took a nap. woo! then i ate some lunch. then i called around to see if any mexican restaurants were having a happy hour and there were NONE! so sad! alas, i think me and K will still get our margarita fix somewhere...

there is a ton of dishes staring at me in the kitchen to be washed. boo!

methinks i will soon go shopping for some wedding/shower gifts. i am spending way too much money on other people! i need to have some life changing event soon so i can get presents...maybe we should throw a "we finally got the M" party before M3 year starts! but when would i get the M...before step? after step? once i get the step grade? blah.

i need to pick up my workout schedule TODAY. i have been slacking off the last week or so because of studying and's inevitable. i'm usually pretty disciplined when it comes to exercise, but during tests, it's really hit or miss. i think i'm going to have to postpone my mini-triathlon for the year until later in the year, because seeing that i still can't run a mile without stopping (though i've been getting better!), i don't think a triathlon would be doable. i can swim and bike though, no problem.

my next exam is the pathology board. shouldn't be too awful. i like boards...they're national standardized exams. they make me happy.

ok, errands time and whatnot. then later, a margarita on the rocks!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

only 1 more test!

so i've managed to not have significant detriment to any of my grades this week so far. yay.

this morning i got someone to come by and fix my dell laptop. i am now the proud owner of a new LCD screen! i know dell gets a bad rap sometimes, but honestly, the problems i've had only involve "cosmetic" things, batteries, and power cords. no hard drive problems so far. and i have a great insurance plan so that dell fixes everything for free. so who cares if it breaks a lot when it gets fixed for free? and i back up my files all the time so that's not ever really an issue. i'm sure though that if i get the blue screen of death a few times too many i might be singing a different tune, but for now, i'm happy. i don't think i could make the switch to mac...i like my 2 clicker mouse pad a little too much.

last night for dinner i braised a lamb shank with onions, garlic, apples and red wine. i spiced it up with salt, pepper, cinnamon, coriander, mint, cumin and paprika. i served it alongside some fresh green beans and some of H's fabulous mac and cheddar cheese. it was such a colorful dinner! and i LOVE lamb. i wish i could eat more, but down where i am it's not as popular as the chicken and the cow...alas. it felt good to cook something that was so comfort food but with a twist. the technique i used for the lamb is similar to cooking coq a vin, if any of you are familiar with that dish.

also, the farmer's market near me has opened up again. i'm so happy!

for lunch today i made a pan grilled tomato and fresh mozarella cheese sandwich. delicious!

i need more food suggestions to cook...i just love cooking up new things. i really want to try cooking a rack of lamb, but alas, i am not that rich.

ok, back to the adrenal gland. they are ooey and gooey and full of stuff. just so you know. i'm so excited that i am ALMOST DONE with M2 year! the boards won't be too hard, at least in my previous experiences with them, they are usually really good and fair tests. then the step, which i can't wait to start really studying for. yay!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tests, alas. only 1 more left.

this week has been a total crapshoot. methinks i have sophomore-itis. alas.

yesterday i was so pissed after my biostats/prevmed tests that i went straight to the mall to find a new wallet. (the zipper on mine is starting to come undone in a way that i can't fix it.) i went to 3 department stores, wasted over an hour, and NOTHING. so mad. so then i went to the farmer's market and got some yummy foods and some herbs to plant. i am now the proud owner of some new pets! mint, dill, basil, thyme, and parsley. oh, and a hot pepper plant. now they just need names...

today's ICM test wasn't so bad...there were some zingers on it but at least i know that i probably PASSED. that's always nice.

next test is pathology on friday. shouldn't be horrible at all. because path is FAIR. and NORMAL. geeez.

later (after the anesthesiology interest group meeting) i will go to the seamstress to get my bridesmaid dress altered and then to get my hairs cut! last time i got a hair cut was november i think. alas. then i will go play in fresh market to get some meat to cook with my green beans from the farmer's market. maybe i'll make some homemade yeast rolls too.

also, i want my grades to be posted NOW so i can assess the damage i did. oh well, at least we still have boards.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


commence the week long freakout.


it was nice knowing all of you...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

less than 3 weeks!

yesterday was our last day of "real" class, and might i add that it was a GREAT lecture day! for some reason, the stars and moons were aligned or whatever, every lecturer was phenomenal! i mean, if class was like that every day, people would always show up. anyways, i really enjoyed everything and it was a happy day.

this morning i made some pancakes and forgot the freaking SALT in the batter. blah. i NEVER do that...this marks my second time to ever forget salt in my baking. alas.

also yesterday my wallet started dying. the zipper that zips all around it starting coming undone in a way that will be nearly impossible to fix. i am mad. it takes me FOREVER to find wallets, bags, other organizational products, etc, so now i am consumed with this need to find a new wallet but STUDY?!?!?!! aaah! this is horrible! but i'm looking at this opportunity as a chance to "step up"...find something slimmer and possibly nicer looking, but ugh. my wallet is a timbuk2 awesome wallet, but now timbuk2 doesn't make wallets anymore that i like. blah.

today my plans are just to study pharm, genetics, and go to a wedding shower later tonight. also, i need to go to the gym at some point to say i was a good healthy person today. maybe, just maybe, i'll indulge in a wallet shopping trip to the mall. or at least a search and destroy outing. and i'll buy nothing. wallets are so personal, ugh.

the more i think about actually becoming an M3 granted i pass everything...which at this point, i'm actually PASSING ALL MY CLASSES...the more excited i get. i'm in no danger in failing anything! (knock on wood...ha!) haha...flashback to M1 year, and omg, the horrors! it's crazy to think that at several points in my M1 year(s), i actually thought that i wasn't going to be able to become a doctor. i made my "plan b" for my life for the "just in cases". but here i am, doing histories and physicals and actually doing a decent job at them, learning all this cool stuff, and it really seems like it's going to happen. and that's a good feeling. i really enjoy what i'm doing more and more...advice to those about to start or are in M1 really does get better. M1 year sucks butt, but after that, it does get better. i'm sure M3 year will suck so bad, but then again, one step closer to doing what i REALLY want to do, and that is the best thing ever.

ok, now to learn about toxic drugs and whatnot. yeah, drugs of bioterrorism is really helping to assuage my paranoia. alas.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

idiots, part infinity

another reason why i hate texas.


whoever the hell this person is, this republican betty brown, she best not EVER come up to my family and say they need to change their names to "make it easier" for everyone else. i grew up having to talk for my grandparents all the time because people couldn't take 2 extra seconds to try and understand what they were saying. has our society become one where we don't even bother trying to learn another person's NAME? whenever i meet someone with a different sort of name, i always try to pronounce it correctly because damn, that is your NAME, that is what you are CALLED, and people better say it right! or at least try. ugh.

“Rather than everyone here having to learn Chinese — I understand it’s a rather difficult language — do you think that it would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here?”

people piss me off. and yes, the comment against asians makes half my blood boil, but she could have inserted any type of cultural group and it still would piss me off. granted, my name is so common it makes my teeth want to fall out, but f--- that s---!!! this woman ought to stuff a sock in it. stupid ignorant idiots. she should change her name because betty is almost bitty which is nearly TITTY and brown just makes me think of poop. and that's what i think of her. 100% poop.


in other news, i did my witnessed history and physical today! i did a great history my preceptor said, and it made me feel really good. i feel like i can actually do M3 year!!! however, the physical had to end a bit prematurely due to screaming/crying toddler. he was NOT going to have me listen or do anything, and you know what, that's ok.

tests start on monday...alas. but TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY OF CLASS! and it's kind of a fake class day. i'm happy!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

oh, and watch this

if you have the time tonight, watch the doctors' diaries documentary on pbs.

i think it should be a good time.

got bored, so took the U of VA medical specialty aptitude test

you can take the test here. and here are my top 12:

1 radiology
2 occupational med
3 nuclear med
4 pediatrics
5 pathology
6 rheumatology
7 nephrology
8 dermatology
9 radiation oncology
10 med oncology
11 hematology
12 thoracic surgery

very interesting. i put the top "12" because for the last 4 options or so, i had the same score on the test. which i think is quite arbitrary.

is it any surprise that the last choice (out of 36 options) was: CARDIOLOGY?!?!?!


it is interesting this point i have to say pediatrics 95% and pathology 5%. however, i do not foresee myself doing a general peds...when i say peds of course i mean specialize in something...namely genetics (at this point). and when i look at my top 12 list, the common thread is that most of the specialties involve doing a lot of "thinking" and long-term keeping up with people. well, the more clinically oriented specialties. and some of them require you to be ok with accepting incomplete answers. so let's play:

radiology: eh, don't want to play radiology. sit in the dark all day and worry that your job is going to be outsourced to india. alas.
occupational med: what exactly is this?
nuclear med: actually, was interested in this at one point...the whole "blast people with ions and radiation" appealed to my chemical engineering brain at one point.
pediatrics: of course! but no GENERAL peds...!!!
pathology: no suprise here as well.
rheumatology: NO NO NO NO NO NO. all you would see is arthritis and lupus. blah!
nephrology: UGH NO. KIDNEYS? PUH-LEASE. i hate renal. all dialysis, hypertension...boring.
dermatology: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! like i could ever do would be so boring too. let me look at your zits. moles? alas.
radiation oncology: this would be cool...evidently it's a lot of number crunching and physics and stuff. just never really seen it up close.
med oncology: also flirted with this idea once. evidently not as number savvy as the above specialty. (i think these people are more the "organizers" of the care, where the rad onc folks are the ones blasting the patients with radiation.) then i shadowed a peds hem/onc doctor...and he was weird and boring. alas.
hematology: hmmm...i don't really know. i have a fear of blood...being a hemotologist probably wouldn't do well? if i did pathology, i think i could be wooed into doing a blood banking fellowship. that stuff is cool.
thoracic surgery: well, i did a good job sawing off ribs in gross anatomy, but honestly, surgery is NOT FOR ME. HECK NO I WON'T GO.

so i hope that was a fun game...haha. next year will be great in confirming/denying what i've always thought. though i am a person who tends to know what the goal is and stick to it. so i probably won't change. i'll just get more jaded.

oh, and another confirmation as to why i can't do surgery, etc. a picture just popped up in the lecture of a rotted off foot due to a snake bite. my immediate thought was YUCK UGH WHY. and then K's thought was WICKED. yeah. i can't be a surgeon.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

yay! i can just be a normal student now...

last night's PIG roast was a success!!! thank you to all who came and helped right hand lady, A, and i managed to throw a heck of a party. the doctors that came were impressed. the DEPARTMENT CHAIR was super impressed and walked around in a state of shock mumbling "there are so many people here...this is such a great". we had a ton of residents who left full of food and happy. also, had a TON of folks show up at the door to get all i think we had around 135 tickets sold, wow. now i just need to write up the appropriate thank you notes and send out some emails and round up some reimbursements...then i can wash my hands of PIG! well, not wash hands totally, but i can officially say that the "hard part" is over. and i couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. thanks everyone!

now i can just kick back and study normal things and step 1 stuff. only 6 more days of class after today! it's so hard to believe sometimes...yay!

also, funny story from yesterday that i will remember for the rest of my life. we practiced venipuncture, a.k.a. drawing BLOOD from people...from EACH OTHER. omg. those of you that know me know that i HATE HATE HATE blood and whatnot in uncontrolled situations. (ironically, my visits to donate platelets has not helped me get over my uneasiness at all, but i can stand the pain of being stuck better.) yesterday my friend K told me i could stick her, but since she's already signed off on knowing her blood sticking skills, she didn't feel the urge to stick me. (thanks K!) so we're with some friends, and i'm watching S stick some folks with such ease, but he's had tons of practice already...alas. i hold a tube of blood that was freshly drawn from R and was rotating it. i felt the warmth...UGH. i felt a wave go through me and i squatted down and then had to walk out and get a drink of water. i come back feeling better, i watch another blood draw, then decide it's TIME. K and i sit down, i'm all ready to go, freaked out of my mind, and start the process. JAB. oops...i hit her bicep! aaah! K goes NOT THERE. haha...ok. throw that needle away. the "worst case scenario" just happened (for me at least, i was so worried about making her have pain). my jitters go down just a bit...second needle, getting ready, then all of a sudden R goes "HEY FRYLIME LOOK OVER HERE." i look, and OMG A.B IS SITTING THERE WITH BLOOD SQUIRTING OUT OF HER ARM!!! the needle had popped out, the tourniquet was still on and THERE IS BLOOD...!!! i freak out and just starting crying...then i started laughing at the abusrdity, everyone's laughing, i start laugh/crying because my brain is confused...OMG!!! then i stick K again, just a bit too swiftly (she made a face), but yay! blood came out! and the whole time i am screaming at people to shut up talking to me. (people never learn.) but i did my thing and now i can say that i've officially drawn blood. K said i did a good job. yay.

oh, and i got my blood drawn yesterday from a PROFESSIONAL for a research study i saw advertised...hey, it was an easy $25! now i'm thinking about doing another blood draw study and getting the HPV vaccine all for the sake of research...i vaccines? more money? i'm your girl!

here's to hoping thursday is much calmer than yesterday...cheers!