Friday, March 06, 2009

what a friday

ok, so when i woke up this morning, things seemed a bit more under control than the past few days. i am so glad to not have class today, so i am currently at home. i have gotten a lot done this morning. i made some banana chocolate chip mini muffins, sent out a bazillion emails regarding PIG roast things (donation letter/form, poster advertisement, and bake sale info), and now i'm cramming some endocrine pharmacology. I HATE PHARM. wait, did i just say that? that's right...YES I DID.

i am so stressed out about this PIG S**T. i will be happy to not have this club any more! i mean, i LOVE doing it, being in charge and whatnot, but still, something you love to do can also bring you some stress. i think mainly i'm stressed because TESTS START ON MONDAY AND I HATE PHARM. AND PATH. AND ICM. EVERYTHING. seriously, i wish i could just study for step 1 24/7 and not have to worry about these other classes. but i'm really hoping that the girls who want to be officers for next year's PIG group really STEP IT UP. because seriously, if they can't handle the little things they "volunteer" for now, no way will i entrust this group to them. well, we'll have to hand the reins over to someone else eventually, because all of us current officers are M2s, and when we're M3s no way in hell will we be able to be in charge. and it's their butt on a stick if they mess up. we have worked hard to get our group up and running again, and i do not want to see it fall into obscurity. by the time we're done with PIG, we will have had 5 meetings (average attendance about 85 students which is HUGE for an interest group), sold t-shirts, made 4 trips to visit the children's hospital, 1 massive LET'S MAKE VALENTINE'S CARDS with about 600-700 elementary kids event, and one fundraiser + bake sale. i think last year, they had 3 meetings, 2 trips to batson, the valentine's cards, and the fundraiser. i think they did a t-shirt too, but not sure. it sure wasn't a PIG shirt, as far as i know. and our fundraiser is at a better location, but i know that last year the person who had to do the planning for it got stuck with it at the last minute, so for the amount of time they had, it was alright. /end rant.

and i'm going to put PIG all over the yearbook. yes. it will be great.

also, i am trying to see if my school "magazine" will let me do a monthly food column for next year! i think that would be GREAT fun to do...

ok, enough of a procrastination, i need to do more pharm. then my break is clean kitchen and make food. rinse and repeat. oh yeah, and some gym time in there somewhere. probably in the afternoon though.

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