Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ok, just a quick update to say that HAIR MAN came BACK to the bake sale table! and he claimed to have found ANOTHER HAIR in a cookie! i told him "i'm sorry about the hair, but i don't feel comfortable giving you another cookie since all of the ones we've given you have hairs in them." then he just stood there and kept trying to talk to me, giving me sob stories...i assume he was trying to get a free cookie again. THEN he hit on me. i'm sorry. no way. these people make me ILL.

then the bank got mad at me for not having my coins rolled up? (i didn't even have enough coins to roll!) i'm sorry, but first of all, YOU ARE A BANK. I COME TO YOU WITH MONEY, YOU COUNT, AND YOU DEPOSIT. what is the deal? i had to get her to recount all my dimes because it didn't match up. then she shortchanged me a $5 bill! then somehow i had 10 extra pennies? i counted all this money last night TWICE and i for sure know that i didn't miss out on any PENNIES, and a whole 10 of them at that. i'll have you know that when i was 10 i was working the cash register in my grandparents' wig shop and i know damn well that i could count out change correctly. (that's what happens when you have foreign family. they put you to work.) luckily our school of medicine surrogate mother a.k.a. superwoman called the bank (they are on our campus) and sweetly told them about how one of their tellers was rude to a customer (me). oh, and if one rude teller wasn't enough, the one sitting right next to her started to badmouth me to her IN FRONT OF ME. ummm, i have ears too, ugh! by the end of it all, i was too flustered to tell her about the $5, but like i said, the important people got notified, numbers/names were taken down, and a part of me hopes that rude teller who got mad that i was making her do her job gets a talking to.

yeah, i've had a stressful afternoon. and i ate 3 cookies. but i paid for them. blah!


Amanda said...

ha ha... and I ate the cookie that I accidently dropped on the table and was deemed non-sellable

Laura said...

That creeps me out and makes me laugh. Do you know who hair man is?