Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring break is breaking me...

i seemed to survive my test week without bombing anything too horribly...that's always good. if i could say one thing about my performance, it's that i wish i were more consistent across the board. then again, it's kind of entertaining to see my huge spread in grades. alas. it's hard to believe that i only have 1 more test block left, 2 weeks of boards (only 4 tests), and then step 1. and then it's hard to think that at one point, i doubted if i would ever get to this point...but here i am! and i'm going to pass! and if i don't screw up step, OMG i'm going to be a doctor!!!

i had my spring break trip during the first weekend of was nice to get out of town and see some country. it wasn't the "peace and quiet" trip i had been hoping for (but what can you hope for when a dozen or so people are crammed into one house, and oh yeah, there's a 3 y/o running around), but it was fun in its own right. we got to play some board games and i slept a lot and drank a lot of wine...ha! now that i'm back home, i'm getting that peace and quiet because i am sick as a dog and laying on the couch. yesterday i wasn't so bad off and was able to do some errands for PIG and grocery shop, etc. i tried to really up my vitamin c game by eating oranges aplenty, but today i woke up and my right tonsil seems to be 3 times as big as the left. sooooore throat. more aches. miserable feelings. i took my temperature...98.4. damn, not bacterial! ha, that just means that it's just my luck that i would have a virus attack me during my time off. alas, such is life. i took some pills earlier and i do feel a bit better...i'm contemplating going up to school to watch the match day festivities. but then again, i have been wanting to do some cleaning, so i may forego match to do that instead.

oh, and i should read some step stuff as well. i haven't really done much on that front, but whatever. i don't care. i need to get healthy again first. (yeah, there goes my workout plans for this week...)

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