Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the schedules wait is OVER!

hello all, it's me, frylime. and it's going to be a happy day, right?

first of all, i got my first choice in M3 schedule rotations! i am uber happy about it, and i have some good friends in my group, but overall, my group is full of people that just get along with other folks great. there's no outward cliques that are glaringly obvious. one guy came up to me already and said "i'm glad you're in my group because when i saw your name, i just thought YES, CUPCAKES." see, that makes me happy. ha! and my ICM partner and i are in the same group! we are very excited...we've found out that we work well together, and were hoping that we could be in the same group as well.

so here's my M3 rotation order:
  • medicine/neuro
  • ob/gyn
  • peds
  • surgery
  • family med
  • psych
i'm glad to start off on medicine/neuro. this order was the same that my preceptor had, and he said that he felt that starting on med/neuro helps you learn how to be a great med student FAST. the stereotypes of internal med is that the internists are number pushers and insanely detail-oriented, so that will be good to learn how to do that up front and let it carry me through the year. plus it's a tough block, so i'm glad to get it done first!

ob/gyn - i'll have to suffer through that one. who knows though, maybe i'll like babies? ha, WHO am i kidding?

then yay for peds! by now i should really be comfortable and in my stride, so i'll be strong for peds. plus (hopefully) this will be before the winter cold/sniffles/blah so i'll be able to see some cool cases!

surgery will be split over multiple breaks. thank goodness. that is most exciting. because i don't want to do surgery. woo!

family med and psych - supposedly these are the "lighter load" rotations, which is nice to end up on before all the boards.

PIG bake sale has been going well. who knew in a hospital that people love their sweets. ha!

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