Saturday, March 07, 2009

saturday studying

what have i done today?
  • woke up
  • made blueberry pancakes
  • went to see my friend L to give her my bridesmaid dress (her florist needed to do some color matching) and she gave me my shoes...i'm her MOH in her upcoming nuptials, fyi..
  • got the shopping rid of it with some old navy brown khaki bermuda shorts and 2 shirts of bright colors
  • went to the local library
  • got all situated, then realized my stomach was HUNGRY
  • went to grocery store and picked up a ton of bananas and eggs
  • went home and made some fried rice (with onion, asparagus, napa cabbage, egg), ate with kimchee
  • felt ill from eating too fast, laid down on couch
  • almost got eaten by the couch monster, fled to local coffee shop for caffeination
  • currently blogging
see what studying does to you? haha...honestly, i do not feel inspired to study for school anymore. i just want to study for step. that's all i want to do. but now that i'm here with my fabulous coffee, i will stay here until L calls me up for a possible vietnamese dinner. that is inspiration enough for me. and i have an emergency clif bar, just in case.

and the worst thing is that it is GEORGEOUS outside...springtime in the south is just wonderful. i can't wait to plant some herbs into the planter H made me for christmas! i also have some random pots sitting around that need some plants too...and the dwarf key lime tree is starting to sprout! note to self: put some fertilizer in it to make it happy...i think this is finally the year it will produce some limes!

so for next week's tests, the topics are:

path: renal, male GU, urinalysis, and computer data (?!?)
pharm: antidepressents, anesthetics, opioids, drugs of abuse, and ENDOCRINE UGH!
ICM: who cares?
biostats: fun with numbers
prev med: vaccinate your kids, keep people from having unplanned pregnancies, and put some flouride in the water



Rebecca said...

I'm totally with you on the being over studying for classes. I'm so ready to just study for the step. I feel like I'm wasting time.

As for the shopping bug, I got it today too. I went to the new JCPenney's. They had a ton of cute summer shirts!

And don't forget that Path inclues Ob/Peds this block... I'm not sure why it wasn't with last block's material!

frylime said...

OH YEAH! i read the ob/peds stuff, i guess i enjoyed it so i forgot to type it up on the blog. and i went to the penny's as well...but didn't find anything. so i had to keep looking...ha!

Laura said...

I feel you on the ENDOCRINE UGH!

allison said...

Endocrine pharm = death of me