Sunday, March 22, 2009

i love it when i diagnose myself...

acute viral tonsillitis. sexy. i know. i kept taking my temp, no fever whatsoever. kept looking at my tonsils with a penlight...nice big exudates. cross-checked with google images. yeppers. and i'm getting better...i would say that tomorrow morning when i wake up i'll probably be fine! woo. the worst day was definitely thursday, with total body involvement. however, yesterday i was well enough to go to my town's st. paddy's day parade, which is like a "mardis gras" substitute with a lot more green than purple and gold. i got some beads and hung out with friends. granted, i tired out a bit more quickly than normal, but hey, i could move around with no problems. (thursday when i went out to get some more meds and ginger ale, i nearly passed out in the store a few times. had to do the "squat down and wait" routine.)

this morning i backed up my computer. it's sort of my "end of test block" ritual. tomorrow morning at school we find out our SCHEDULES FOR M3 YEAR! yay! i'm keeping my fingers crossed...i hope i get a schedule i want and have cool people in it. they gave us 8 different rotations, and there were 4 that i liked, 4 that i didn't. 50/50 shot there, right? i just don't want certain people to be in my group...i mean, when classmates show up to labs DRUNK, i think i don't want to work with them. or openly talk back to professors? nope. but if it happens, i'll get over it just fine. i'm good with working around conflict. i'm smooth like that. (i guess that's the advantage of having been in engineering school and being FORCED to always do group get to work with some serious duds here and there and you learn how to deal. plus i try to give people the benefit of the doubt...i have a 3 strikes rule you know.)

i've been slogging through some USMLEWORLD qbank questions. (qbanks are just a series of like 2000 or so questions that simulate the STEP 1 experience. "practice questions".) they're actually not as bad as i thought they'd just highlights information that i forgot. so far, nothing has been "new info"'s more like "OOOH i remember that but i can't remember the answer!" and then i read the answer explanations, write down some notes, and there i go.

PIG stuff is going well! it's amazing what several hours of sleep can do for you for stress relief. i've gotten flyers put up all over school. i've got some donations coming in. i got the tickets printed out. all i have to do now is make out our bake sale schedule and then we're set! i've even gotten with the food place that we're getting to cater our meeting on thursday and we're all set to go! bam!

today is just more cleaning, errands running, and organizing. yesterday i cleaned my bathrooms. today i will tackle the mountain of clothes in my bedroom and hopefully switch out the winter and summer clothes. i really wanted to organize my "study room" closet, but i don't think that's going to happen. (but it's ok because i hardly go into that closet anyway.) OH, and if i organize all the crap underneath my bathroom sink, i think i could really be proud of myself.

and then school tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with schedules! And I hope you feel better soon!