Tuesday, March 31, 2009

busy busy

i've been so busy the past week! and i'm sure everyone is just wigging out because i haven't updated...right? har har har...

PIG stuff is going so well! our last meeting had a huge crowd...i hope everyone had a good time. the speaker was so informative...i sort of want to do a NICU month now for M4 year. well, i was probably going to do it anyway, but now i want to do it even more. the PIG roast is still good to go...ticket sales have been going really well. i couldn't be happier. bake sale is going excellently too...though i had a freak out yesterday when someone stopped me and told me that he found a hair in his cookie! A HAIR. thank goodness it wasn't something that i had made, but still! the more i talked to him (apologizing, offered him a free treat, told him how mortified i was), i started to realize that he was a bit "off" because he kept telling me he still had the cookie (with the hair too?) and he was really insistent on me looking at it. i told him that i believed him, here's this free thing, and i am so sorry and i am so mortified, etc, etc. the kicker? he had bought the cookie LAST WEEK. this encounter happened yesterday. so now i'm a bit freaked out. alas. (i think he was trying to pull a fast one over me...the person he was with had no issues with buying TONS of stuff for their group, but oh well. and i don't think he knew what mortified meant. and why the hell would i want to see a hair? it could have been his for all i know.)

only 2 weeks of class left! i'm getting so excited about june! june = playing in the hospital, a.k.a. frylime cowers in fear whenever she has to look at blood or think about getting the herpes.

i've been doing a kaplan step 1 kbank for the past week. the questions are BRUTAL. questions are the best way to learn, at least for me, so that's what i've been doing. i also have usmleworld questions, but i'm saving those for may because supposedly those are more "like the test". i just hope going through kaplan now will help me for later. i'm really hoping for at least "average"...from multiple sources that number seems to be 215-222 or so. i think the average for peds residents is 217, but ideally, i would LOVE to have at least 220...i think that would show that i've "recovered" from my first year of med school pretty decently. i know FIRST though, need to pass. you got to have a 187 to pass. or is it 189? i dunno, ideally i would see a "2" first in my score, ha!

classes are going well too...some stuff is interesting, most is just BLAH. lot of busywork. it's pointless, really. like, why do i need to do a presentation on alzheimer's? i mean, make us do that at the beginning of the year. not now, when you've got us all freaked out about passing step 1!!! (last year's class had about a 10% step 1 FAIL rate...ummm, so i can understand them freaking us out, but let's get on the same page people!)

ok, boring day ahead. alas. chao!

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