Tuesday, March 03, 2009


so we found out that our M3 schedule "decision" is going to be held after spring break, rather than TOMORROW. ugh...i want to know NOW. but enough people complained that test week would be too stressful to do schedule switches, etc. alas...are we not med students? can we not multi-task? alas. UGH. so i'll have to internally freak out longer. oh well. i'm good at that. but it just goes to show you that people in my class...well at least some...are very vocal at their complaints. yes, i have made complaints, but i think they are justified. for example: course coordinators show up to tests without proper test materials and then get mad at students for wanting a proper scantron sheet to fill out test answers. i think that's valid. however...*whine* tests no time omg!!! geez. this is something that we have known about for a while. just put on the big-kid panties and go ahead. i'm sure when we are M3s we aren't going to be given silly extensions, etc, for the few whiners. alas. just makes them look bad. i just put my head down and pedal to the metal...alas! oh well. we'll get schedules soon enough.

a friend in the class gave me a copy of "the nerd's guide to pre-rounding: how to look smart while feeling stupid in the first months of third year" by rick loftus. i'm excited about reading it! i'll let you know what i think.

i got a lot of planning to do, and test studying to do, and ugh. too much crap. i don't like it.

spring break can't come soon enough. i think i'll be tearing out my hair before then.


allison said...

I was sad they were postponing our schedules too :( It's just going to distract me more to wonder about it all during test week than it would if I actually just got the damn thing already. Oh well.
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janae' said...

alas!!!! ;)