Sunday, March 08, 2009

basket case

for one thing, i hate daylight savings spring forward time. blah.

secondly, i hate having to be inside studying. i think i will do my exercising outside today.

thirdly, i hate it when someone you are trying to call is in a cell phone black zone! aaaaah!

fourthly, still hate me some pharm. HATE IT.

i have an awful mosquito bite on my leg. it itches. i also hate it.

really, sometimes i hate how i get all freaked out and whatnot around tests. but i think i have a bazillion things running through my mind, and i just freak. i guess i have a touch of the paranoid personality disorder traits...when i get stressed i have these thoughts that a crazy person is going to find me and maim me somehow...or something. it's a bit bizarre. like last night at the coffee shop, i thought someone was just going to drive-by shoot all of us. or next week during our tests someone's going to take advantage of the fact that 115 or so budding doctors are going to be in the same room. or when i'm at the grocery store some creepy person is following my every move. ugh! (side note: i don't have any psychiatric diagnoses, but i can definitely understand how someone who is not normally "grounded" in life could start to really freak out when stuff starts snowballing out of order. lucky for me, these thoughts only get really bad when i'm super stressed, and they go away after the stressor is over...which in my case will be wednesday after my evil pharm test.)

i think i'll go run at the park now. i need to do something...

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