Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ok, just a quick update to say that HAIR MAN came BACK to the bake sale table! and he claimed to have found ANOTHER HAIR in a cookie! i told him "i'm sorry about the hair, but i don't feel comfortable giving you another cookie since all of the ones we've given you have hairs in them." then he just stood there and kept trying to talk to me, giving me sob stories...i assume he was trying to get a free cookie again. THEN he hit on me. i'm sorry. no way. these people make me ILL.

then the bank got mad at me for not having my coins rolled up? (i didn't even have enough coins to roll!) i'm sorry, but first of all, YOU ARE A BANK. I COME TO YOU WITH MONEY, YOU COUNT, AND YOU DEPOSIT. what is the deal? i had to get her to recount all my dimes because it didn't match up. then she shortchanged me a $5 bill! then somehow i had 10 extra pennies? i counted all this money last night TWICE and i for sure know that i didn't miss out on any PENNIES, and a whole 10 of them at that. i'll have you know that when i was 10 i was working the cash register in my grandparents' wig shop and i know damn well that i could count out change correctly. (that's what happens when you have foreign family. they put you to work.) luckily our school of medicine surrogate mother a.k.a. superwoman called the bank (they are on our campus) and sweetly told them about how one of their tellers was rude to a customer (me). oh, and if one rude teller wasn't enough, the one sitting right next to her started to badmouth me to her IN FRONT OF ME. ummm, i have ears too, ugh! by the end of it all, i was too flustered to tell her about the $5, but like i said, the important people got notified, numbers/names were taken down, and a part of me hopes that rude teller who got mad that i was making her do her job gets a talking to.

yeah, i've had a stressful afternoon. and i ate 3 cookies. but i paid for them. blah!

busy busy

i've been so busy the past week! and i'm sure everyone is just wigging out because i haven't updated...right? har har har...

PIG stuff is going so well! our last meeting had a huge crowd...i hope everyone had a good time. the speaker was so informative...i sort of want to do a NICU month now for M4 year. well, i was probably going to do it anyway, but now i want to do it even more. the PIG roast is still good to go...ticket sales have been going really well. i couldn't be happier. bake sale is going excellently too...though i had a freak out yesterday when someone stopped me and told me that he found a hair in his cookie! A HAIR. thank goodness it wasn't something that i had made, but still! the more i talked to him (apologizing, offered him a free treat, told him how mortified i was), i started to realize that he was a bit "off" because he kept telling me he still had the cookie (with the hair too?) and he was really insistent on me looking at it. i told him that i believed him, here's this free thing, and i am so sorry and i am so mortified, etc, etc. the kicker? he had bought the cookie LAST WEEK. this encounter happened yesterday. so now i'm a bit freaked out. alas. (i think he was trying to pull a fast one over me...the person he was with had no issues with buying TONS of stuff for their group, but oh well. and i don't think he knew what mortified meant. and why the hell would i want to see a hair? it could have been his for all i know.)

only 2 weeks of class left! i'm getting so excited about june! june = playing in the hospital, a.k.a. frylime cowers in fear whenever she has to look at blood or think about getting the herpes.

i've been doing a kaplan step 1 kbank for the past week. the questions are BRUTAL. questions are the best way to learn, at least for me, so that's what i've been doing. i also have usmleworld questions, but i'm saving those for may because supposedly those are more "like the test". i just hope going through kaplan now will help me for later. i'm really hoping for at least "average"...from multiple sources that number seems to be 215-222 or so. i think the average for peds residents is 217, but ideally, i would LOVE to have at least 220...i think that would show that i've "recovered" from my first year of med school pretty decently. i know FIRST though, need to pass. you got to have a 187 to pass. or is it 189? i dunno, ideally i would see a "2" first in my score, ha!

classes are going well too...some stuff is interesting, most is just BLAH. lot of busywork. it's pointless, really. like, why do i need to do a presentation on alzheimer's? i mean, make us do that at the beginning of the year. not now, when you've got us all freaked out about passing step 1!!! (last year's class had about a 10% step 1 FAIL rate...ummm, so i can understand them freaking us out, but let's get on the same page people!)

ok, boring day ahead. alas. chao!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the schedules wait is OVER!

hello all, it's me, frylime. and it's going to be a happy day, right?

first of all, i got my first choice in M3 schedule rotations! i am uber happy about it, and i have some good friends in my group, but overall, my group is full of people that just get along with other folks great. there's no outward cliques that are glaringly obvious. one guy came up to me already and said "i'm glad you're in my group because when i saw your name, i just thought YES, CUPCAKES." see, that makes me happy. ha! and my ICM partner and i are in the same group! we are very excited...we've found out that we work well together, and were hoping that we could be in the same group as well.

so here's my M3 rotation order:
  • medicine/neuro
  • ob/gyn
  • peds
  • surgery
  • family med
  • psych
i'm glad to start off on medicine/neuro. this order was the same that my preceptor had, and he said that he felt that starting on med/neuro helps you learn how to be a great med student FAST. the stereotypes of internal med is that the internists are number pushers and insanely detail-oriented, so that will be good to learn how to do that up front and let it carry me through the year. plus it's a tough block, so i'm glad to get it done first!

ob/gyn - i'll have to suffer through that one. who knows though, maybe i'll like babies? ha, WHO am i kidding?

then yay for peds! by now i should really be comfortable and in my stride, so i'll be strong for peds. plus (hopefully) this will be before the winter cold/sniffles/blah so i'll be able to see some cool cases!

surgery will be split over multiple breaks. thank goodness. that is most exciting. because i don't want to do surgery. woo!

family med and psych - supposedly these are the "lighter load" rotations, which is nice to end up on before all the boards.

PIG bake sale has been going well. who knew in a hospital that people love their sweets. ha!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i love it when i diagnose myself...

acute viral tonsillitis. sexy. i know. i kept taking my temp, no fever whatsoever. kept looking at my tonsils with a penlight...nice big exudates. cross-checked with google images. yeppers. and i'm getting better...i would say that tomorrow morning when i wake up i'll probably be fine! woo. the worst day was definitely thursday, with total body involvement. however, yesterday i was well enough to go to my town's st. paddy's day parade, which is like a "mardis gras" substitute with a lot more green than purple and gold. i got some beads and hung out with friends. granted, i tired out a bit more quickly than normal, but hey, i could move around with no problems. (thursday when i went out to get some more meds and ginger ale, i nearly passed out in the store a few times. had to do the "squat down and wait" routine.)

this morning i backed up my computer. it's sort of my "end of test block" ritual. tomorrow morning at school we find out our SCHEDULES FOR M3 YEAR! yay! i'm keeping my fingers crossed...i hope i get a schedule i want and have cool people in it. they gave us 8 different rotations, and there were 4 that i liked, 4 that i didn't. 50/50 shot there, right? i just don't want certain people to be in my group...i mean, when classmates show up to labs DRUNK, i think i don't want to work with them. or openly talk back to professors? nope. but if it happens, i'll get over it just fine. i'm good with working around conflict. i'm smooth like that. (i guess that's the advantage of having been in engineering school and being FORCED to always do group work...you get to work with some serious duds here and there and you learn how to deal. plus i try to give people the benefit of the doubt...i have a 3 strikes rule you know.)

i've been slogging through some USMLEWORLD qbank questions. (qbanks are just a series of like 2000 or so questions that simulate the STEP 1 experience. "practice questions".) they're actually not as bad as i thought they'd be...it just highlights information that i forgot. so far, nothing has been "new info"...it's more like "OOOH i remember that but i can't remember the answer!" and then i read the answer explanations, write down some notes, and there i go.

PIG stuff is going well! it's amazing what several hours of sleep can do for you for stress relief. i've gotten flyers put up all over school. i've got some donations coming in. i got the tickets printed out. all i have to do now is make out our bake sale schedule and then we're set! i've even gotten with the food place that we're getting to cater our meeting on thursday and we're all set to go! bam!

today is just more cleaning, errands running, and organizing. yesterday i cleaned my bathrooms. today i will tackle the mountain of clothes in my bedroom and hopefully switch out the winter and summer clothes. i really wanted to organize my "study room" closet, but i don't think that's going to happen. (but it's ok because i hardly go into that closet anyway.) OH, and if i organize all the crap underneath my bathroom sink, i think i could really be proud of myself.

and then school tomorrow...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring break is breaking me...

i seemed to survive my test week without bombing anything too horribly...that's always good. if i could say one thing about my performance, it's that i wish i were more consistent across the board. then again, it's kind of entertaining to see my huge spread in grades. alas. it's hard to believe that i only have 1 more test block left, 2 weeks of boards (only 4 tests), and then step 1. and then it's hard to think that at one point, i doubted if i would ever get to this point...but here i am! and i'm going to pass! and if i don't screw up step, OMG i'm going to be a doctor!!!

i had my spring break trip during the first weekend of SB...it was nice to get out of town and see some country. it wasn't the "peace and quiet" trip i had been hoping for (but what can you hope for when a dozen or so people are crammed into one house, and oh yeah, there's a 3 y/o running around), but it was fun in its own right. we got to play some board games and i slept a lot and drank a lot of wine...ha! now that i'm back home, i'm getting that peace and quiet because i am sick as a dog and laying on the couch. yesterday i wasn't so bad off and was able to do some errands for PIG and grocery shop, etc. i tried to really up my vitamin c game by eating oranges aplenty, but today i woke up and my right tonsil seems to be 3 times as big as the left. sooooore throat. more aches. miserable feelings. i took my temperature...98.4. damn, not bacterial! ha, that just means that it's just my luck that i would have a virus attack me during my time off. alas, such is life. i took some pills earlier and i do feel a bit better...i'm contemplating going up to school to watch the match day festivities. but then again, i have been wanting to do some cleaning, so i may forego match to do that instead.

oh, and i should read some step stuff as well. i haven't really done much on that front, but whatever. i don't care. i need to get healthy again first. (yeah, there goes my workout plans for this week...)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i hate pharm

i hate pharm. and biostats. and prev med. and oh yeah, i'll probably hate on some psych and icm. i love path, namely because i did my best yet on a test!

and i'm burnt out. i need spring break like nothing else. today after today's pharm evilness A "i love it" N and K and i went to eat some food and then got mani/pedicures...i got a pedicure because my fingernails are nonsalvageable anyway. an apathetic vietnamese guy did mine...i could tell he really didn't want to be there, but it was the family business...ha! sucks to be him...maybe he should be in college instead. but he did a good job! (and i can understand...he obviously didn't have an accent, so i bet he was born here, or moved here as a baby and is stuck living the "first generation's life" or whatever, when all he really feels is that he's an american and just wants to play and do his own thing and he doesn't really understand his foreign family all that well...)

one of the bonus essays for pharm today was "if you could make a male birth control pill, what would you put in it and why". here is my answer:
  • make a pill that has a lot of sugar, fat, and garlic and onion extract. the dude taking the pill gets so repulsive that no woman would want to come near him. he has decreased his chance of being with a women in a situation that would lead to making babies. you could also add some cannabis. he would get gynecomastia (man boobs) and be so stoned that he would eat all the time and become more repulsive.
ha, i also added something about LH antagonists, but eh, my prof has a good sense of humor, and he just wanted "what" and "why would you". and i did that. i better get my points!

now to study psych...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

basket case

for one thing, i hate daylight savings spring forward time. blah.

secondly, i hate having to be inside studying. i think i will do my exercising outside today.

thirdly, i hate it when someone you are trying to call is in a cell phone black zone! aaaaah!

fourthly, still hate me some pharm. HATE IT.

i have an awful mosquito bite on my leg. it itches. i also hate it.

really, sometimes i hate how i get all freaked out and whatnot around tests. but i think i have a bazillion things running through my mind, and i just freak. i guess i have a touch of the paranoid personality disorder traits...when i get stressed i have these thoughts that a crazy person is going to find me and maim me somehow...or something. it's a bit bizarre. like last night at the coffee shop, i thought someone was just going to drive-by shoot all of us. or next week during our tests someone's going to take advantage of the fact that 115 or so budding doctors are going to be in the same room. or when i'm at the grocery store some creepy person is following my every move. ugh! (side note: i don't have any psychiatric diagnoses, but i can definitely understand how someone who is not normally "grounded" in life could start to really freak out when stuff starts snowballing out of order. lucky for me, these thoughts only get really bad when i'm super stressed, and they go away after the stressor is over...which in my case will be wednesday after my evil pharm test.)

i think i'll go run at the park now. i need to do something...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

saturday studying

what have i done today?
  • woke up
  • made blueberry pancakes
  • went to see my friend L to give her my bridesmaid dress (her florist needed to do some color matching) and she gave me my shoes...i'm her MOH in her upcoming nuptials, fyi..
  • got the shopping bug...got rid of it with some old navy brown khaki bermuda shorts and 2 shirts of bright colors
  • went to the local library
  • got all situated, then realized my stomach was HUNGRY
  • went to grocery store and picked up a ton of bananas and eggs
  • went home and made some fried rice (with onion, asparagus, napa cabbage, egg), ate with kimchee
  • felt ill from eating too fast, laid down on couch
  • almost got eaten by the couch monster, fled to local coffee shop for caffeination
  • currently blogging
see what studying does to you? haha...honestly, i do not feel inspired to study for school anymore. i just want to study for step. that's all i want to do. but now that i'm here with my fabulous coffee, i will stay here until L calls me up for a possible vietnamese dinner. that is inspiration enough for me. and i have an emergency clif bar, just in case.

and the worst thing is that it is GEORGEOUS outside...springtime in the south is just wonderful. i can't wait to plant some herbs into the planter H made me for christmas! i also have some random pots sitting around that need some plants too...and the dwarf key lime tree is starting to sprout! note to self: put some fertilizer in it to make it happy...i think this is finally the year it will produce some limes!

so for next week's tests, the topics are:

path: renal, male GU, urinalysis, and computer data (?!?)
pharm: antidepressents, anesthetics, opioids, drugs of abuse, and ENDOCRINE UGH!
ICM: who cares?
biostats: fun with numbers
prev med: vaccinate your kids, keep people from having unplanned pregnancies, and put some flouride in the water


Friday, March 06, 2009

what a friday

ok, so when i woke up this morning, things seemed a bit more under control than the past few days. i am so glad to not have class today, so i am currently at home. i have gotten a lot done this morning. i made some banana chocolate chip mini muffins, sent out a bazillion emails regarding PIG roast things (donation letter/form, poster advertisement, and bake sale info), and now i'm cramming some endocrine pharmacology. I HATE PHARM. wait, did i just say that? that's right...YES I DID.

i am so stressed out about this PIG S**T. i will be happy to not have this club any more! i mean, i LOVE doing it, being in charge and whatnot, but still, something you love to do can also bring you some stress. i think mainly i'm stressed because TESTS START ON MONDAY AND I HATE PHARM. AND PATH. AND ICM. EVERYTHING. seriously, i wish i could just study for step 1 24/7 and not have to worry about these other classes. but i'm really hoping that the girls who want to be officers for next year's PIG group really STEP IT UP. because seriously, if they can't handle the little things they "volunteer" for now, no way will i entrust this group to them. well, we'll have to hand the reins over to someone else eventually, because all of us current officers are M2s, and when we're M3s no way in hell will we be able to be in charge. and it's their butt on a stick if they mess up. we have worked hard to get our group up and running again, and i do not want to see it fall into obscurity. by the time we're done with PIG, we will have had 5 meetings (average attendance about 85 students which is HUGE for an interest group), sold t-shirts, made 4 trips to visit the children's hospital, 1 massive LET'S MAKE VALENTINE'S CARDS with about 600-700 elementary kids event, and one fundraiser + bake sale. i think last year, they had 3 meetings, 2 trips to batson, the valentine's cards, and the fundraiser. i think they did a t-shirt too, but not sure. it sure wasn't a PIG shirt, as far as i know. and our fundraiser is at a better location, but i know that last year the person who had to do the planning for it got stuck with it at the last minute, so for the amount of time they had, it was alright. /end rant.

and i'm going to put PIG all over the yearbook. yes. it will be great.

also, i am trying to see if my school "magazine" will let me do a monthly food column for next year! i think that would be GREAT fun to do...

ok, enough of a procrastination, i need to do more pharm. then my break is clean kitchen and make food. rinse and repeat. oh yeah, and some gym time in there somewhere. probably in the afternoon though.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

tapeworms! oh nos!!!

What are your chances of getting a tapeworm?

also, going to the gym and running a bit makes the soul feel better. i don't feel as stressed as before...yay for exercise! also also, i'm about to make a friend some cupcakes for her birthday while i'm studying. cooking and gymming. what every med student needs to do...

oh yeah, and i would have found out my M3 schedule today. but i'm not. alas.


school is getting to me at the moment. spring break cannot come soon enough! too much crap to do. tests next week. aak!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


so we found out that our M3 schedule "decision" is going to be held after spring break, rather than TOMORROW. ugh...i want to know NOW. but enough people complained that test week would be too stressful to do schedule switches, etc. alas...are we not med students? can we not multi-task? alas. UGH. so i'll have to internally freak out longer. oh well. i'm good at that. but it just goes to show you that people in my class...well at least some...are very vocal at their complaints. yes, i have made complaints, but i think they are justified. for example: course coordinators show up to tests without proper test materials and then get mad at students for wanting a proper scantron sheet to fill out test answers. i think that's valid. however...*whine* tests no time omg!!! geez. this is something that we have known about for a while. just put on the big-kid panties and go ahead. i'm sure when we are M3s we aren't going to be given silly extensions, etc, for the few whiners. alas. just makes them look bad. i just put my head down and pedal to the metal...alas! oh well. we'll get schedules soon enough.

a friend in the class gave me a copy of "the nerd's guide to pre-rounding: how to look smart while feeling stupid in the first months of third year" by rick loftus. i'm excited about reading it! i'll let you know what i think.

i got a lot of planning to do, and test studying to do, and ugh. too much crap. i don't like it.

spring break can't come soon enough. i think i'll be tearing out my hair before then.