Thursday, February 26, 2009

wishy washy! and i dislike some people...

so today i went and changed my M3 rotation schedule order. haha. i know, i suck. alas. i need to just stop obsessing and patiently wait for everything to settle...we get our assignments next week anyway. and we can trade. so i need to stop.

this morning on the way to school, i went a more roundabout way to avoid some traffic, and came face to face with some anti-abortion protesters. yes, the same ones i saw that other time. well, maybe not the same people, but same location. and what's annoying is that they don't even DO abortions at that's just a counseling place and they refer out. honestly...i don't think the employees like getting stopped on their way in to their jobs and getting forced upon leaflets, etc. i saw one dude yell at a car for not putting their windows down to get a piece of paper! i was angry! those are the people i dislike. least they weren't trying to get into my car. i might have accidentally run someone over due to them trying to get up on my car!

so my second day of my lenten activities have been a success! i made a tofu stir fry for dinner...tofu, asparagus, napa cabbage, onion, garlic...served over rice and with kimchee! i marinated my tofu and omg it was SO GOOD!!! i'm excited about tofu!

it's bedtime for me...woo! and no school tomorrow! so that means...BLUEBERRY PANCAKES for breakfast!

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allison said...

Your plan for yesterday sounds like my plan for today (make a big breakfast, run, study, eat leftover chana masala I made yesterday). I love those days.