Sunday, February 15, 2009

what to do on a sunday...

bum around. watch australia's next top model on youtubes. read renal path. gym. dinner with some girlfriends. oh yeah, and bake vegan peanut butter cupcakes. yes. soooo good!

naked peanut butter vegan cupcakes!

with some soy milk and bittersweet chocolate "ganache" on top! (it's not as perfect looking as it could be...i was being lazy and just spooned the chocolate on top, rather than piped or spread with a knife. then i started to run out so i tried to "drizzle", but ha, that didn't work out well. still tastes great!)

H and i split one and it tasted like a moist lovely peanut butter brownie! but it's a CUPCAKE. woo! i will definitely use this recipe again and again. it came out of my handy dandy "vegan cupcakes take over the world" cookbook, which i highly recommend for vegans and omnivores alike. (i like baking vegan from time to time because i think they end up being less calorie and fat laden as "regular" cupcakes. but then maybe i'm wrong. alas!)

tomorrow we have a full day of ICM (joy, puke). we also have a mandatory CLIP session, which means everyone will sit around while 2 doctors/residents "play around" and have us ask "questions", which also also means that the same 4 people will ask the same questions. alas.

this weekend was so good for me to just decompress. i had a good valentine's day with H...we just bummed around and it was nice. i hate that valentine's day has become this day of over-the-top celebration, etc. i just like hanging out with the people i care about. simple!

today when i gymmed i read at the same time...i think i will start to incorporate this more often so i can learn little tidbits even while i work out!

have a great week people! and make peanut butter cupcakes! seriously, you should...

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allison said...

Would you be so kind as to post that recipe? I would LOVE to try those out! Kris would flip over them.