Saturday, February 07, 2009


today is just so lovely outside! i have all my windows open so the natural light can semi-flood my apartment. today H and i went to the local coffee place to play some chess, then the gym to do gym things, and then to grocery store, and then back to my place where i made some ham and smoked fresh mozzarella and roasted red bell pepper and basil pressed sandwiches with my homemade SOURDOUGH bread!!! SOOOO DELICIOUS! H said that MY SANDWICH was better than the local panini place, and you know what? i made everything except for the cheese and ham and basil from SCRATCH. baked my own bread (of course), and roasted my own bell pepper. i probably spent around $5 to make 2 filling sandwiches, where 1 at the cafe is about $6. yep. i love it when i "stick it to the man". it makes me happy.

i'm so glad the week of tests is over...i look forward to these weekends where we technically have NOTHING required of us. still haven't gotten grades back for all the tests, but at this point, i know that i definitely passed micro, and that makes me really happy. i have 2 tests left to go in path and pharm and ICM, and we're picking up biostats, epidemiology, and psychiatry for the remainder of the year. what also makes me really happy is that i EASILY passed micro...there was no "biting of fingernails" or "crossing of fingers" to HOPE that i passed, i just plain ol' vanilla PASSED. it feels good to know that this year i have finally found my stride. M1 year just sucked for the most part...haha. M2 year, it's so much better. (all you M1s who might be reading my blog, trust me, it gets better.)

i think it's amusing that the healthcare 100 has ranked my blog in the top 300 or so of blogs! is it really that awesome? will i ever get into the top 200? 100? hahaha...that would be cool. but my blog is mostly for me to play and document what i'm going through for my sake, and if others like to read it, then that's great. haha, it's like my blog is my "pet".

so i'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day...i need to do some organizing and cleaning, and a part of me wants to make some DANISHES! or red velvet cupcakes...yum! or maybe i'll just nap. that will be good too!


allison said...

You're so lazy - I can't believe you didn't make the ham from scratch. I mean, I raise little piglets in my backyard and Kris butchers them whenever we get the craving for a fresh ham sandwich.

frylime said...

alas, i am a loser!!!