Sunday, February 01, 2009

this is what happens when you get really hungry while studying...

so just to recap what i ATE today:

breakfast: granola. coffee. healthy enough, right?

coffee shop: coffee. only drank 1/3 of it. still going good.

lunch: STARVING. eat at vietnamese place. get vermicelli noodles with chicken and eggroll. also eat a spring roll for appetizer. still doing good.

immediately after lunch snack: ICE CREAM! coffee flavored. hmmm, must have craved that coffee that i didn't finish earlier.

snack because i was bored: handful of raisins. eh, boring, but ok.

since i'm at home, i decide to just eat dinner at home. sounds ok, right? normally my kitchen is stocked with good stuff to play with, but tonight, what did i have?
  • velveeta (eeeew!)
  • pears
  • kimchee
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • noodles (not again!)
  • lots and lots of beer (hahaha!)
  • bread
  • nutella
  • granola (can't eat it again)
  • yogurt (blah)
  • cupcakes (eh, not in the mood)
  • capers (random)
so...for dinner i whipped up the following: 2 slices of toast with generic nutella slathered on top. 2 scrambled eggs with kimchee (huevos kimchee-os!). hunk of cheddar cheese. water. i think i severely topped out my fat content for the day.

i felt like i was in college all over again. also, thank goodness for kimchee. it brightens up the most boring of days. seriously people, get thee some KIMCHEE!!!

and like a good med student, i'll be at the gym tomorrow following my uber healthy breakfast. i promise.

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