Wednesday, February 04, 2009

tests are fun, HA! just playing...

i'm sitting here trying to force myself to study pharmacology. i hate it. i really do. i do not want to be a doctor that is constantly having to prescribe medications. i know, weird, right? but then again, i want to do pediatrics and then on to genetics, so i guess i'll suffer through it. haha...maybe i'll grow to love them when i can just look them up on some online search engine or whatever. i just don't really care for them the way we're learning them. i guess that makes sense, or maybe it doesn't. oh well.

today's test was a bit simpler than the micro board yesterday. i mean, ICM is supposed to be easy, so whatever.

next week is going to be hellatious. i gotta plan a bunch of PIG stuff...we have an annual fund raiser that needs to be planned from top to bottom! so far me and the other officers have only brainstormed, but nothing is concrete. i have a few restaurants that i have in mind, so hopefully someone will have pity on us and give us a discount rate since we could be a "charitable organization". we're also going to start up BAKE SALE in the hospital. i know, i just like to bake, why not for a good cause??? we'll sell cupcakes and muffins and brownies and probably take orders for whole cakes, etc. so yeah, that needs to be planned. also, we are going to the children's hospital to visit the kids, AND there's an all-day event that we are helping the dental school out with. STRESSFUL. TOO MUCH STUFF IN ONE WEEK. oh well, at least we are putting our name out there and doing a lot of stuff. OH, and the NEXT week after that? a monthly meeting! yes, that's right! aaaaaah! at least i already have the speaker for that one lined up! and the meeting place. just gotta order the food...woo!

and then back to pharm...grr. i don't wanna!

speaking of drugs...i use this topical ointment called "protopic", generically known as tacrolimus to off-labelly treat some vitiligo on the side of my nose. now, most people don't even know it exists, but i do, and i want it gone! well, a weird side effect of this stuff is that when i drink any kind of alcohol, like beer or wine or whatever, within a few sips, the area that i put the ointment on turns BRIGHT RED. last night i drank 1/3 of a bottle of beer with dinner and my face just splotched up on BOTH sides! the redness goes away after a couple of minutes, does not itch, maybe it gives off heat, but i can't really tell. (usually when i drink my cheeks get rosy, but i think that's normal for some people.) i just want to know why it's happening...has anyone else ever experienced this? i would hate for it to happen if i were at a job interview dinner or something! hahaha...

ok, study.

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Kate said...

Ew, pharm. Good luck with that!