Sunday, February 22, 2009

oh what a weekend...

yesterday H and i went hiking through some hills a few hours from where we was a lot of fun. it was wonderful to get out of town, drive through some country, and then just hike and enjoy nature! it was tough though...some of the hills were insane, but we're going to go back and try to do some hard-core camping. the trail is about 40 miles long, but yesterday we just hiked in about 3 and hiked back. what can you was just a day hike, and we wanted to get a good taste of "what's to come". i'd like to go back...but maybe only after i've done some serious training and gotten a good pair of hiking shoes!

i'm really proud of how much path i have covered since friday...finished renal, and i'm nearly done with male GU. i could even say "done", since the last bit of the chapter is STDs which we've already covered in micro. my goal for the rest of today is to continue relaxing, clean my kitchen, and study pharm. i don't need to neglect that! also, some touch up cleaning throughout the rest of my apartment would also probably be good to do, considering i haven't really done that in a while.

some of my M3 friends have given me good advice about the schedules for next year, so i'm not as anxious about that. sigh. i just want it to be done and over! and ugh! step 1!!! just scared. aak!

this week i think i'm going to try and bake a mardis gras cake. and then commence eating all of it before lent. haha...

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