Friday, February 27, 2009

nice day

today i got lucky and didn't have any class scheduled. i woke up, made some blueberry pancakes (topped with peanut butter and honey...SO GOOD), did my psych and biostats quizzes, and now am waiting on K to come get me for us to go to the korean grocery store together. (she's too afraid to go in by herself...haha. i admit i don't know what half the crap is anyway.) i'm getting some more kimchee, tofu (if they have it cheap, sure they do), and some stainless steel chopsticks. the chopticks i have are bamboo and are looking kinda iffy.

so i'm currently going to read up on some "drugs of abuse". nice stuff. blah!

my plans for the rest of today are read, study, and gym! i already have my gym clothes on, i'm weird i know. oh, and eat my tofu stirfry leftovers!

i am still anxious about M3 schedule! ugh. it's like a black cloud...i just really want to get my group and see what the damage is NOW.

my usmle world qbank opened up yesterday. my goal is to 5 or 10 questions a day, and then whenever i have a full day do a full block (48). i just need to start getting comfortable with all the questions now. i really would like a solid step 1 score...220 anyone? just average. that's all i want. of course HIGHER would be amazing, but for me, i think i would be just happy with plain ol' average.

as for the rest of my life...everything else seems to be going well. yesterday i was a bit annoyed because someone asked me if i was going to class in the afternoon...ummm...yes? i always go to class unless i have something more important to do, and that list is small. PIG meetings, doctor's appointments, or "i want to eat lunch at ___ so we got to skip the 11:00 to get there before the rush". haha. that last option on the list has only happened 3 times this year. and the person who asked me KNOWS i don't miss class...i think my attendance this year has been about 96-98% or so. i dunno, maybe she was trying to kiss up to the admin folks who were within earshot. but still...i don't like getting stupid questions. and that one was a bit dumb.

oh, and i LOVE biostats. NUMBERS! FORMULAS! CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS! NO ROTE MEMORIZATION. makes me feel like i'm in algebra all over again and it makes me happy. i really miss math problems. maybe i should just get a little workbook and do some calculus on the side. times like these make me miss engineering school...not so much because of the content of what i was learning, but just because we did math, and i love it.

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