Wednesday, February 25, 2009

m3 schedule, submitted, and a few more things

so yesterday i decided to just turn in my schedule. actually, what went through my mind was "ugh. f--- it. i'm just turning the damn thing in." i know, bad language, but when i get anxious i feel like my inner monologue (or dialogue???) just turns into a potty-mouthed sailor. i put in my selection, turned in the list, and will hope for the best. i hope i get some people on my "dream team" (crosses fingers!), but in the end i know i can always trade with someone else too. we get 8 schedule picks, and they are all different. there's 4 that i would be very happy with, and then the other 4 i'd just rather not have. so maybe things will work out? haha, as long as i have a few people that i love and only 1 or 2 people that i cannot stand, then i guess it will work out.

i'm really good at just putting my head down and getting to business. but it would be nice to have a good partner that i get along with. i know i can get along with probably 98% of my class. it's just those OUTLIERS...ugh! but my tips to those out there who might get stuck with someone they don't like (as i might be doing)...if someone pisses you off, just tell them that they need to stop. if they talk too much, tell them. if they do something horrible or unethical, call them out. don't be rude about least the first or second time. in my book, i do the "3 strikes you're out" rule...the 3rd time is usually when i unleash my fury. though sometimes i get shy and i wait a bit more. and let me tell you...i'm that slightly psychopathic person who has been rehearsing what she is going to say in her head for MONTHS. they don't call us "angry asians" without good reason! so when i DO let go, i don't forget anything. and it's eloquent. and it packs a mighty punch. (with all that said, you will know when you are pushing my buttons. i will conveniently tell you when i feel angry. i don't think it's fair to just blow up on someone without please don't think i'm a bomb waiting to explode!)

i have to send my tax stuff to my dad so he can do it all for me...i know, he's such a great dad! and my taxes are way too complicated for me to try and do myself. alas...

today is path lab and an M1 genetics lecture. ya, i'm going to be bad and skip a class to hear the M1 lecture...i just like those. i heart genetics!

and for lent, i'm definitely embarking on the "eat meat at only 1 meal a day" with fish and seafood being "all day whenever i want". but i really want to incorporate more beans and tofu and all that into my diet. i'm cutting back on sweets...not totally getting rid of them, but cutting back. i would like to do more yoga. basically, my goal for lent is just to become more health conscious, more vegetarian/vegan savvy without COMPLETELY making the switch, and focus on mental health happiness.

ok, time for urinalysis lab. woo yay for pee pee!

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