Friday, February 20, 2009

m3 schedule anxiety

last night i worked myself up in a tizzy over planning my next year schedule! aaak! everyone has different advice to give and it's starting to confuse my brain. people say "be with your friends", "do what you want to do before march", etc etc. some of my friends and i have been discussing which schedules we want, but honestly, it's such a crapshoot! the way they do it here is you write down your list rank. they draw your name out of a hat, put down your top choice. if your top choice is already full, they give you your second, and so on. so yeah, scared!

i really just want to do pediatrics before march. also, i don't want to do it first so i can avoid looking like an idiot. i definitely don't want to do psych or surg as a career, so i don't care if i screw up on those! still want to pass though...hahaha.

this weekend H and i are going on a day hike. it was supposed to be an overnight camp, but with the threat of 40% chance of rain AND it being super cold, i think a day hike will be better. at least until it warms up a bit more.

my computer is doing this intermittent weird squeaky thing. ugh!

omg, PIG meeting went soooo goooooood! we had about 85-90 people. the speaker was impressed. i'm really proud of how the group has gone this year...there are a couple of M1s interested in being officers for next year. i think i'll have a meeting with them one day next week just to go over things and what my suggestions are. it's pretty much been a 2-woman show, with another officer pitching in as needed, and another just kind of flailing around. honestly, there has to be 1 or 2 of those "go-getter" types, and at least some folks who are just available to help out as needed. but with them, i'm going to make some major suggestions, and hope that they take them. it will seriously make their lives easier...instead of 2 people planning EVERYTHING, each person will have their own specific domain. plus, if this club goes under after A and i have revamped it to where it is now, omg, i will be so pissed!

my step 1 question bank opens in a week or so. scary!

i get done with class today at noon. this afternoon is a "head in book, read till done" sort of time. blah! last night all my time was spent doing STUPID QUIZZES instead of reading. oh well. we're almost done!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're about to pick schedules for next year too. They've given us 10 pre-selected schedules and assigned lottery numbers, and on The Day we go into a conference room with the dean, look at who has signed up for what, and make a decision about who to rotate with for the entire year. Drama abounds!