Tuesday, February 17, 2009

less than 6 weeks of CLASS left...

my friend K pointed that out to me yesterday. so if you count everything up, 6 weeks of class, 2 weeks of tests, and 2 weeks of boards. then STEP 1. aak! that's kind of freaky when you think about it!

yesterday i did some serious gymming and then some serious cooking. wanna see?

that's my first ever roasted chicken! i decided to do it in a dutch oven within the oven because a) i don't have a roasting rack and b) i LOVE my dutch oven. it turned out super delicious...and i had a ton of leftovers. H and i ate some of it for chicken enchiladas tonight for dinner. with the rest, i'm not sure what i'm going to do...maybe a simple chicken salad? or pasta? who knows!

the online quizzes seem to never end. psych is still throwing them at us. blah. i thought there was going to be a beat-down in psych today. there was a potential battle brewing over the meaning of "few, some, and many". what i learned (or already knew, rather, since H and i talk about these sorts of things), few = 3, some = 3 or 4, and many = 4 or 5 or more. i guess you could throw in that "couple" means 2. that would definitely make sense, at least it does to me.

i'm so happy...i picked and GOT the venue for our PIG roast! (it's our annual fundraiser.) best part, the venue is FREE, we just gotta show up and eat a lot of food. (also, i think the night we are going is also ladies' night...woo!) i think we can handle that. we have a meeting this thursday that i'm excited about. i love planning the PIG meetings...yes they can be a bit hectic the day of, but in the end, it's fun. usually A, my VP, orders the food, and between the 2 of us and some good friends (like K) we get the room set up nice and pretty. i create a powerpoint for a nice backdrop effect as people walk in. i also use it to talk about upcoming events and to also thank people...most of what this group does is just provide opportunities for people to volunteer and see the kids at the children's hospital. evidently, all that stuff has added up to about $125 worth of us buying things to pay for all the supplies needed...so in my mind, if we even get that much from our fundraiser, we are a success. (we are lucky in that our department is VERY supportive of our group and kicks in money to pay for meetings...we just pay for the "extras".) i think we should be able to come close, if not more...usually a silent art auction and a raffle is conducted in conjunction with the PIG roast, and this year i really want to do a bake sale as well. (there is never a loss for people to bake that also love the peds...hahaha!) oh yeah, and i need to remember to bring my camera to school on thursday.

next week we will start thinking about our M3 year schedules! how exciting is that?

renal path is so boring to me. psych is too. honestly, we're not studying anything at the moment that i find fascinating...maybe biostats, because it's numbers and i LOVE numbers, but honestly...i am just blah with school at the moment. it's ok...i love my ICM preceptor...he's so great and seems to pick out cool genetics patients for me to go talk to. and that leads to the one annoying thing about LOVING genetics...i want to talk about my patient encounters, but i can't really. when there's only 1 or 2 people with the disease in the state, let alone it being really rare in the nation, i don't want to risk anyone getting "found out". (i just think, if that were me, i wouldn't want to be talked about too much, especially on a blog.) it would be one thing if the patient had turner's syndrome or osteogenesis imperfecta, but not in this case. the disease is simply too rare for me to discuss on a blog comfortably without feeling like i'm "outing" my patient. oh well...maybe one day i'll allude to the disease, but definitely not now. one thing is for sure...i will remember meeting this little kid FOREVER...i still can't believe that as an M2, i can say i've already had an encounter with someone with this particular condition. at least i can tell people that i listened to the kid's tummy and heard the kid's chicken nuggets swimming around. and of course i told the kid what i could hear! (and the kid liked THAT a lot...haha!)

(it kind of got me all excited all over again about potentially doing genetics as a career. yippee!)

also, today i was told by dear K that my amygdala must be broken. (kluver bucy anyone? ha! rest assured, i most DEFINITELY do NOT have that syndrome!) i must admit that sometimes i can be a bit crass, and maybe today i overstepped my boundaries? hee hee...i say if you're a med student and get disturbed by someone saying "vagina" or "pap smear" or "worms crawling out their ___" or something like that, geeez, grow up or get out. i mean, we're going to have to stick our fingers up people's butts one day for the sake of health! (which i am deathly afraid of, btw. also deathly afraid of getting herpes in my eyeballs, but that's another story.)

ok, i think i'm starting to ramble. which means i should go to bed. nite everyone!


Rebecca said...

That roasted chicken looks delish!

allison said...

Emily = Good Cook.

Also, my amygdala breaks down frequently.

Ewok said...

it's not so much that you're crass, but you were digging around in your shirt during class. So says J and S. :)