Saturday, February 28, 2009

content on a saturday

here i am sitting in my favorite coffee shop by the window. it's cloudy, cold, and supposedly it's going to rain. perfect coffee shop weather! i usually bring my own mug in to get my $0.96 coffee, but today, i forgot to bring it. no was a sign from above that i was to get a latte! plain, whole milk. yum! i LOVE lattes, especially in days like today. granted, i'm drinking it out of a styrofoam cup (i guess they didn't hear me when i wanted it "for here")...alas.

another sign that i feel means that i'm "growing up" or whatnot, is that i skipped the school's campus-wide party at one of the local bars. (my school is awesome in that it throws HUGE parties 4-5 times a year or so.) i knew the music was supposed to be awesome, etc, but after dinner, me and H just decided to call it a night. i didn't was nice to relax and go to bed early for once. then i woke up this morning, leisurely played on the internet, went to the gym and did some cardio so i could feel really good in yoga. then i went over to H's for lunch...delicious. now i'm here at my coffee shop drinking a latte. one of my classmates came in and started talking about how awesome the party was, etc, and i didn't feel any hint of jealousy. none! i was glad that he had a great time, but i also had a great time doing what i wanted to do. i guess that means i'm semi-grown up...making my own choices and being happy with them. and then also not "needing" to always be going to a party and whatnot. i'm sure i would have enjoyed the music, but, i enjoyed my sleep much more. :-)

today my parents are in town and want to go hangout later for my dad's birthday (it's monday) and also to celebrate my granddad's buying of a new house. and they want to eat steak. haha, fine by me! i've been veggie all day so i can do it without feeling bad.

i guess i've been on a roll the past few days updating my blog...woo! i like to blog, so i should. ha. sometimes though, i have problems trying to figure out what to blog about, but that shouldn't be an issue because i could talk to a brick wall about anything and be happy with it. i can't wait for some awkward social issues to be done and over with at school and in my life. eh, that will probably never happen though. since i'm inherently awkward, i guess things will be always awkward for me, but i'm hoping some of the stuff going on in my life these past few weeks clear up soon. if that makes sense. i bet it doesn't.

so now i'm going to read about general anesthetics, then maybe local anesthestics next. basically, when i get tired of pharm, i'll just move on to path 2nd run through. oh, and usmle world. blah! but then there's steak...yum!

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