Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy work

we picked up some new classes with the end of micro, and guess what, they ALL are requiring busy work quizzes! two classes have little mini-quizzes after EVERY class, and one class has a 60 QUESTION quiz every week. and they all have different requirements, etc, so nothing is the same. last night i took about 1.5 hours to hack through all these quizzes. i mean, it's a learning tool, but not very effective in my book. i'd rather just read, study, and take a test, than do tons of busy work. but then again, busy work equals "easy grade boosters", so if they make us do quizzes, i will gladly do them to pad my grade. or not destroy my grade. you know how it is.

this morning walking to school it was lightly sprinkling. halfway there, the bottom fell out and BAM! i got soaked. aaaaah! my shoes still have not all the way dried out, but at least my clothes are dry now. i had to go towel off in the bathroom upon arrival. note to self: umbrellas don't protect you against SIDEWAYS rain. get a rain jacket.

i have this feeling that my vitiligo is cropping up on the OTHER side of my nose. granted, people who know me and see me everyday have basically no idea that i have vitiligo. i'm lucky in that my skin tone isn't very dark normally. when i have time to get really tan, that's another story, and my vitiligo stands out pretty well. but still, it bums me out a little that i have this wonky autoimmune thing going on, and that it can occur at random and grow whenever it feels like it. i'm going ahead and putting on the tacrolimus on the other side now as well. i figure it can't hurt. i would rather get white spots on my limbs or body rather than my face, but eh, at least it's not cancer or something really scary like that. just a cosmetic thing, and if i don't get a tan most people can't tell anyway. nothing some makeup can't fix if i really needed to cover it up.

that reminds me...back when i was younger and first diagnosed with vitiligo, i took great pains to put on "dermablend" and cover up my "white spot". well, back then it was definitely more pronounced because i was on a swim team and really tan. but as i got older, and more comfortable with just being ME and not trying to fit in a crowd, i stopped trying to cover it up, even when it really stood out. the white spot would usually just be forever pink in the amount of sunscreen would really protect the area from burning so it was a weird kind of "camoflauge". after getting into college, i never had the opportunity to be outdoors enough to really work on a tan, so i just "faded"...haha. back when i was a lifeguard and camp counselor, i looked so brown that people mistook me for being hawaiian or native american or even mexican...i thought that was really cool. now, i'm just kinda pale (for me), and that's ok. keep away the wrinkles, i say.

today there is a family medicine interest group meeting about our 3rd year family med rotation. i'm really excited about it...the way the school here does our rotation, we do 2 weeks at the hospital where i worked in the cath lab, and then 4 weeks in some community somewhere...they like for us to go to our hometowns if possible. fortunately (or not, haha), my mom works for a family med doc in my hometown so i've got a leg up if i want to rotate with that particular doctor. i'm just excited about the prospect of visiting the hospital i used to will be nice to NOT be the one unloading boxes and stocking shelves...but be the one directly working with the patient (or hopelessly following the family doc around). anywho, it will be nice to see the old gang again. they were an awesome bunch to work with!

i just drank a cappucino from the "ghetto starbucks". (my hospital has a licensed starbucks...basically the non-starbucks starbucks or whatever...they "proudly serve" the coffee, but the employees are all hospital employees. i hope that made sense.) ANYWAY, it was a damn fine cappucino, totally made my morning after being rained on, but now i am HUNGRY!!! 12:00 cannot come any sooner!

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allison said...

Oh dear. I see quizzes in my future today.
I've yet to try the "ghetto" Starbucks, but I'm excited about it. Cups will probably still reign supreme though.