Tuesday, February 10, 2009

abuse of the system RANT!!!


that is what i immediate thought after a friend directed me to this article regarding the california octo-mommy. since when is accepting disability and food stamps NOT considered welfare? government assistance equals welfare as far as i am concerned. blah! this woman pisses me off to no end...she and her obviously plumped up lips have some sort of angelina jolie complex. i bet she was hoping for a tv show or something with her bazillion kids. i am all for people who want children to pursue alternate routes, such as IVF or adoption, etc, IF THEY ARE ABLE TO ADEQUATELY CARE FOR SAID CHILDREN.

so let's make a checklist, shall we?
  • bankrupt
  • living at home with parents
  • already have 6 children
  • collecting disability, so obviously not working
  • not married, and refusing to marry boyfriend a.k.a. "sperm donor"
  • jacked up mental status
  • upon giving birth, hire publicists, etc, as to increase chances of getting on tv
oh, in this case all of the above are true! perfect case scenario for to bring 8 babies into the world! (blah, extreme sarcasm, obviously.) i am soooo glad that my family's tax dollars are going to help out this woman, instead of helping to build schools for hurricane ravaged towns or improving roads and bridges. i'm with the grandma...if she really "loved babies" or kids or whatever, why didn't she become a kindergarten teacher? i truly believe this woman is a selfish deluded whack job who obviously didn't put her [original 6] children first. it's only a matter a time until CPS comes in to save the day. and the doctor who did that to her should have his license revoked. seriously. where is common sense? where did it go? oh yeah, it got shot to hell a loooong time ago. alas.


ok, take a breather now.


we're learning about kidneys in path. i ate a kidney once...at least a bite of it...it was a pig kidney, and it was from a smoked pig roast. i could see all the pyramids and everything, and i ate it. and immediately felt the weird texture. taste wasn't too bad, but UGH the texture! throw in mental images from gross lab (yes, the pig kidney looked JUST LIKE the human kidney.) i wanted to spit it out, but i didn't. so yeah, never again will i eat a pig kidney.

also, someone sitting near me has some RANK BREATH at the moment. it is upsetting me. people, do we not remember how to use toothbrush and toothpaste? geez...and it's most definitely not me. i brush my teeth after breakfast every morning AND i keep a toothbrush and paste in my bookbag now. UGH!

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