Saturday, February 28, 2009

content on a saturday

here i am sitting in my favorite coffee shop by the window. it's cloudy, cold, and supposedly it's going to rain. perfect coffee shop weather! i usually bring my own mug in to get my $0.96 coffee, but today, i forgot to bring it. no was a sign from above that i was to get a latte! plain, whole milk. yum! i LOVE lattes, especially in days like today. granted, i'm drinking it out of a styrofoam cup (i guess they didn't hear me when i wanted it "for here")...alas.

another sign that i feel means that i'm "growing up" or whatnot, is that i skipped the school's campus-wide party at one of the local bars. (my school is awesome in that it throws HUGE parties 4-5 times a year or so.) i knew the music was supposed to be awesome, etc, but after dinner, me and H just decided to call it a night. i didn't was nice to relax and go to bed early for once. then i woke up this morning, leisurely played on the internet, went to the gym and did some cardio so i could feel really good in yoga. then i went over to H's for lunch...delicious. now i'm here at my coffee shop drinking a latte. one of my classmates came in and started talking about how awesome the party was, etc, and i didn't feel any hint of jealousy. none! i was glad that he had a great time, but i also had a great time doing what i wanted to do. i guess that means i'm semi-grown up...making my own choices and being happy with them. and then also not "needing" to always be going to a party and whatnot. i'm sure i would have enjoyed the music, but, i enjoyed my sleep much more. :-)

today my parents are in town and want to go hangout later for my dad's birthday (it's monday) and also to celebrate my granddad's buying of a new house. and they want to eat steak. haha, fine by me! i've been veggie all day so i can do it without feeling bad.

i guess i've been on a roll the past few days updating my blog...woo! i like to blog, so i should. ha. sometimes though, i have problems trying to figure out what to blog about, but that shouldn't be an issue because i could talk to a brick wall about anything and be happy with it. i can't wait for some awkward social issues to be done and over with at school and in my life. eh, that will probably never happen though. since i'm inherently awkward, i guess things will be always awkward for me, but i'm hoping some of the stuff going on in my life these past few weeks clear up soon. if that makes sense. i bet it doesn't.

so now i'm going to read about general anesthetics, then maybe local anesthestics next. basically, when i get tired of pharm, i'll just move on to path 2nd run through. oh, and usmle world. blah! but then there's steak...yum!

Friday, February 27, 2009

nice day

today i got lucky and didn't have any class scheduled. i woke up, made some blueberry pancakes (topped with peanut butter and honey...SO GOOD), did my psych and biostats quizzes, and now am waiting on K to come get me for us to go to the korean grocery store together. (she's too afraid to go in by herself...haha. i admit i don't know what half the crap is anyway.) i'm getting some more kimchee, tofu (if they have it cheap, sure they do), and some stainless steel chopsticks. the chopticks i have are bamboo and are looking kinda iffy.

so i'm currently going to read up on some "drugs of abuse". nice stuff. blah!

my plans for the rest of today are read, study, and gym! i already have my gym clothes on, i'm weird i know. oh, and eat my tofu stirfry leftovers!

i am still anxious about M3 schedule! ugh. it's like a black cloud...i just really want to get my group and see what the damage is NOW.

my usmle world qbank opened up yesterday. my goal is to 5 or 10 questions a day, and then whenever i have a full day do a full block (48). i just need to start getting comfortable with all the questions now. i really would like a solid step 1 score...220 anyone? just average. that's all i want. of course HIGHER would be amazing, but for me, i think i would be just happy with plain ol' average.

as for the rest of my life...everything else seems to be going well. yesterday i was a bit annoyed because someone asked me if i was going to class in the afternoon...ummm...yes? i always go to class unless i have something more important to do, and that list is small. PIG meetings, doctor's appointments, or "i want to eat lunch at ___ so we got to skip the 11:00 to get there before the rush". haha. that last option on the list has only happened 3 times this year. and the person who asked me KNOWS i don't miss class...i think my attendance this year has been about 96-98% or so. i dunno, maybe she was trying to kiss up to the admin folks who were within earshot. but still...i don't like getting stupid questions. and that one was a bit dumb.

oh, and i LOVE biostats. NUMBERS! FORMULAS! CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS! NO ROTE MEMORIZATION. makes me feel like i'm in algebra all over again and it makes me happy. i really miss math problems. maybe i should just get a little workbook and do some calculus on the side. times like these make me miss engineering school...not so much because of the content of what i was learning, but just because we did math, and i love it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

wishy washy! and i dislike some people...

so today i went and changed my M3 rotation schedule order. haha. i know, i suck. alas. i need to just stop obsessing and patiently wait for everything to settle...we get our assignments next week anyway. and we can trade. so i need to stop.

this morning on the way to school, i went a more roundabout way to avoid some traffic, and came face to face with some anti-abortion protesters. yes, the same ones i saw that other time. well, maybe not the same people, but same location. and what's annoying is that they don't even DO abortions at that's just a counseling place and they refer out. honestly...i don't think the employees like getting stopped on their way in to their jobs and getting forced upon leaflets, etc. i saw one dude yell at a car for not putting their windows down to get a piece of paper! i was angry! those are the people i dislike. least they weren't trying to get into my car. i might have accidentally run someone over due to them trying to get up on my car!

so my second day of my lenten activities have been a success! i made a tofu stir fry for dinner...tofu, asparagus, napa cabbage, onion, garlic...served over rice and with kimchee! i marinated my tofu and omg it was SO GOOD!!! i'm excited about tofu!

it's bedtime for me...woo! and no school tomorrow! so that means...BLUEBERRY PANCAKES for breakfast!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

m3 schedule, submitted, and a few more things

so yesterday i decided to just turn in my schedule. actually, what went through my mind was "ugh. f--- it. i'm just turning the damn thing in." i know, bad language, but when i get anxious i feel like my inner monologue (or dialogue???) just turns into a potty-mouthed sailor. i put in my selection, turned in the list, and will hope for the best. i hope i get some people on my "dream team" (crosses fingers!), but in the end i know i can always trade with someone else too. we get 8 schedule picks, and they are all different. there's 4 that i would be very happy with, and then the other 4 i'd just rather not have. so maybe things will work out? haha, as long as i have a few people that i love and only 1 or 2 people that i cannot stand, then i guess it will work out.

i'm really good at just putting my head down and getting to business. but it would be nice to have a good partner that i get along with. i know i can get along with probably 98% of my class. it's just those OUTLIERS...ugh! but my tips to those out there who might get stuck with someone they don't like (as i might be doing)...if someone pisses you off, just tell them that they need to stop. if they talk too much, tell them. if they do something horrible or unethical, call them out. don't be rude about least the first or second time. in my book, i do the "3 strikes you're out" rule...the 3rd time is usually when i unleash my fury. though sometimes i get shy and i wait a bit more. and let me tell you...i'm that slightly psychopathic person who has been rehearsing what she is going to say in her head for MONTHS. they don't call us "angry asians" without good reason! so when i DO let go, i don't forget anything. and it's eloquent. and it packs a mighty punch. (with all that said, you will know when you are pushing my buttons. i will conveniently tell you when i feel angry. i don't think it's fair to just blow up on someone without please don't think i'm a bomb waiting to explode!)

i have to send my tax stuff to my dad so he can do it all for me...i know, he's such a great dad! and my taxes are way too complicated for me to try and do myself. alas...

today is path lab and an M1 genetics lecture. ya, i'm going to be bad and skip a class to hear the M1 lecture...i just like those. i heart genetics!

and for lent, i'm definitely embarking on the "eat meat at only 1 meal a day" with fish and seafood being "all day whenever i want". but i really want to incorporate more beans and tofu and all that into my diet. i'm cutting back on sweets...not totally getting rid of them, but cutting back. i would like to do more yoga. basically, my goal for lent is just to become more health conscious, more vegetarian/vegan savvy without COMPLETELY making the switch, and focus on mental health happiness.

ok, time for urinalysis lab. woo yay for pee pee!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

oh what a weekend...

yesterday H and i went hiking through some hills a few hours from where we was a lot of fun. it was wonderful to get out of town, drive through some country, and then just hike and enjoy nature! it was tough though...some of the hills were insane, but we're going to go back and try to do some hard-core camping. the trail is about 40 miles long, but yesterday we just hiked in about 3 and hiked back. what can you was just a day hike, and we wanted to get a good taste of "what's to come". i'd like to go back...but maybe only after i've done some serious training and gotten a good pair of hiking shoes!

i'm really proud of how much path i have covered since friday...finished renal, and i'm nearly done with male GU. i could even say "done", since the last bit of the chapter is STDs which we've already covered in micro. my goal for the rest of today is to continue relaxing, clean my kitchen, and study pharm. i don't need to neglect that! also, some touch up cleaning throughout the rest of my apartment would also probably be good to do, considering i haven't really done that in a while.

some of my M3 friends have given me good advice about the schedules for next year, so i'm not as anxious about that. sigh. i just want it to be done and over! and ugh! step 1!!! just scared. aak!

this week i think i'm going to try and bake a mardis gras cake. and then commence eating all of it before lent. haha...

Friday, February 20, 2009

m3 schedule anxiety

last night i worked myself up in a tizzy over planning my next year schedule! aaak! everyone has different advice to give and it's starting to confuse my brain. people say "be with your friends", "do what you want to do before march", etc etc. some of my friends and i have been discussing which schedules we want, but honestly, it's such a crapshoot! the way they do it here is you write down your list rank. they draw your name out of a hat, put down your top choice. if your top choice is already full, they give you your second, and so on. so yeah, scared!

i really just want to do pediatrics before march. also, i don't want to do it first so i can avoid looking like an idiot. i definitely don't want to do psych or surg as a career, so i don't care if i screw up on those! still want to pass though...hahaha.

this weekend H and i are going on a day hike. it was supposed to be an overnight camp, but with the threat of 40% chance of rain AND it being super cold, i think a day hike will be better. at least until it warms up a bit more.

my computer is doing this intermittent weird squeaky thing. ugh!

omg, PIG meeting went soooo goooooood! we had about 85-90 people. the speaker was impressed. i'm really proud of how the group has gone this year...there are a couple of M1s interested in being officers for next year. i think i'll have a meeting with them one day next week just to go over things and what my suggestions are. it's pretty much been a 2-woman show, with another officer pitching in as needed, and another just kind of flailing around. honestly, there has to be 1 or 2 of those "go-getter" types, and at least some folks who are just available to help out as needed. but with them, i'm going to make some major suggestions, and hope that they take them. it will seriously make their lives easier...instead of 2 people planning EVERYTHING, each person will have their own specific domain. plus, if this club goes under after A and i have revamped it to where it is now, omg, i will be so pissed!

my step 1 question bank opens in a week or so. scary!

i get done with class today at noon. this afternoon is a "head in book, read till done" sort of time. blah! last night all my time was spent doing STUPID QUIZZES instead of reading. oh well. we're almost done!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

less than 6 weeks of CLASS left...

my friend K pointed that out to me yesterday. so if you count everything up, 6 weeks of class, 2 weeks of tests, and 2 weeks of boards. then STEP 1. aak! that's kind of freaky when you think about it!

yesterday i did some serious gymming and then some serious cooking. wanna see?

that's my first ever roasted chicken! i decided to do it in a dutch oven within the oven because a) i don't have a roasting rack and b) i LOVE my dutch oven. it turned out super delicious...and i had a ton of leftovers. H and i ate some of it for chicken enchiladas tonight for dinner. with the rest, i'm not sure what i'm going to do...maybe a simple chicken salad? or pasta? who knows!

the online quizzes seem to never end. psych is still throwing them at us. blah. i thought there was going to be a beat-down in psych today. there was a potential battle brewing over the meaning of "few, some, and many". what i learned (or already knew, rather, since H and i talk about these sorts of things), few = 3, some = 3 or 4, and many = 4 or 5 or more. i guess you could throw in that "couple" means 2. that would definitely make sense, at least it does to me.

i'm so happy...i picked and GOT the venue for our PIG roast! (it's our annual fundraiser.) best part, the venue is FREE, we just gotta show up and eat a lot of food. (also, i think the night we are going is also ladies' night...woo!) i think we can handle that. we have a meeting this thursday that i'm excited about. i love planning the PIG meetings...yes they can be a bit hectic the day of, but in the end, it's fun. usually A, my VP, orders the food, and between the 2 of us and some good friends (like K) we get the room set up nice and pretty. i create a powerpoint for a nice backdrop effect as people walk in. i also use it to talk about upcoming events and to also thank people...most of what this group does is just provide opportunities for people to volunteer and see the kids at the children's hospital. evidently, all that stuff has added up to about $125 worth of us buying things to pay for all the supplies in my mind, if we even get that much from our fundraiser, we are a success. (we are lucky in that our department is VERY supportive of our group and kicks in money to pay for meetings...we just pay for the "extras".) i think we should be able to come close, if not more...usually a silent art auction and a raffle is conducted in conjunction with the PIG roast, and this year i really want to do a bake sale as well. (there is never a loss for people to bake that also love the peds...hahaha!) oh yeah, and i need to remember to bring my camera to school on thursday.

next week we will start thinking about our M3 year schedules! how exciting is that?

renal path is so boring to me. psych is too. honestly, we're not studying anything at the moment that i find fascinating...maybe biostats, because it's numbers and i LOVE numbers, but honestly...i am just blah with school at the moment. it's ok...i love my ICM preceptor...he's so great and seems to pick out cool genetics patients for me to go talk to. and that leads to the one annoying thing about LOVING genetics...i want to talk about my patient encounters, but i can't really. when there's only 1 or 2 people with the disease in the state, let alone it being really rare in the nation, i don't want to risk anyone getting "found out". (i just think, if that were me, i wouldn't want to be talked about too much, especially on a blog.) it would be one thing if the patient had turner's syndrome or osteogenesis imperfecta, but not in this case. the disease is simply too rare for me to discuss on a blog comfortably without feeling like i'm "outing" my patient. oh well...maybe one day i'll allude to the disease, but definitely not now. one thing is for sure...i will remember meeting this little kid FOREVER...i still can't believe that as an M2, i can say i've already had an encounter with someone with this particular condition. at least i can tell people that i listened to the kid's tummy and heard the kid's chicken nuggets swimming around. and of course i told the kid what i could hear! (and the kid liked THAT a lot...haha!)

(it kind of got me all excited all over again about potentially doing genetics as a career. yippee!)

also, today i was told by dear K that my amygdala must be broken. (kluver bucy anyone? ha! rest assured, i most DEFINITELY do NOT have that syndrome!) i must admit that sometimes i can be a bit crass, and maybe today i overstepped my boundaries? hee hee...i say if you're a med student and get disturbed by someone saying "vagina" or "pap smear" or "worms crawling out their ___" or something like that, geeez, grow up or get out. i mean, we're going to have to stick our fingers up people's butts one day for the sake of health! (which i am deathly afraid of, btw. also deathly afraid of getting herpes in my eyeballs, but that's another story.)

ok, i think i'm starting to ramble. which means i should go to bed. nite everyone!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

what to do on a sunday...

bum around. watch australia's next top model on youtubes. read renal path. gym. dinner with some girlfriends. oh yeah, and bake vegan peanut butter cupcakes. yes. soooo good!

naked peanut butter vegan cupcakes!

with some soy milk and bittersweet chocolate "ganache" on top! (it's not as perfect looking as it could be...i was being lazy and just spooned the chocolate on top, rather than piped or spread with a knife. then i started to run out so i tried to "drizzle", but ha, that didn't work out well. still tastes great!)

H and i split one and it tasted like a moist lovely peanut butter brownie! but it's a CUPCAKE. woo! i will definitely use this recipe again and again. it came out of my handy dandy "vegan cupcakes take over the world" cookbook, which i highly recommend for vegans and omnivores alike. (i like baking vegan from time to time because i think they end up being less calorie and fat laden as "regular" cupcakes. but then maybe i'm wrong. alas!)

tomorrow we have a full day of ICM (joy, puke). we also have a mandatory CLIP session, which means everyone will sit around while 2 doctors/residents "play around" and have us ask "questions", which also also means that the same 4 people will ask the same questions. alas.

this weekend was so good for me to just decompress. i had a good valentine's day with H...we just bummed around and it was nice. i hate that valentine's day has become this day of over-the-top celebration, etc. i just like hanging out with the people i care about. simple!

today when i gymmed i read at the same time...i think i will start to incorporate this more often so i can learn little tidbits even while i work out!

have a great week people! and make peanut butter cupcakes! seriously, you should...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy work

we picked up some new classes with the end of micro, and guess what, they ALL are requiring busy work quizzes! two classes have little mini-quizzes after EVERY class, and one class has a 60 QUESTION quiz every week. and they all have different requirements, etc, so nothing is the same. last night i took about 1.5 hours to hack through all these quizzes. i mean, it's a learning tool, but not very effective in my book. i'd rather just read, study, and take a test, than do tons of busy work. but then again, busy work equals "easy grade boosters", so if they make us do quizzes, i will gladly do them to pad my grade. or not destroy my grade. you know how it is.

this morning walking to school it was lightly sprinkling. halfway there, the bottom fell out and BAM! i got soaked. aaaaah! my shoes still have not all the way dried out, but at least my clothes are dry now. i had to go towel off in the bathroom upon arrival. note to self: umbrellas don't protect you against SIDEWAYS rain. get a rain jacket.

i have this feeling that my vitiligo is cropping up on the OTHER side of my nose. granted, people who know me and see me everyday have basically no idea that i have vitiligo. i'm lucky in that my skin tone isn't very dark normally. when i have time to get really tan, that's another story, and my vitiligo stands out pretty well. but still, it bums me out a little that i have this wonky autoimmune thing going on, and that it can occur at random and grow whenever it feels like it. i'm going ahead and putting on the tacrolimus on the other side now as well. i figure it can't hurt. i would rather get white spots on my limbs or body rather than my face, but eh, at least it's not cancer or something really scary like that. just a cosmetic thing, and if i don't get a tan most people can't tell anyway. nothing some makeup can't fix if i really needed to cover it up.

that reminds me...back when i was younger and first diagnosed with vitiligo, i took great pains to put on "dermablend" and cover up my "white spot". well, back then it was definitely more pronounced because i was on a swim team and really tan. but as i got older, and more comfortable with just being ME and not trying to fit in a crowd, i stopped trying to cover it up, even when it really stood out. the white spot would usually just be forever pink in the amount of sunscreen would really protect the area from burning so it was a weird kind of "camoflauge". after getting into college, i never had the opportunity to be outdoors enough to really work on a tan, so i just "faded"...haha. back when i was a lifeguard and camp counselor, i looked so brown that people mistook me for being hawaiian or native american or even mexican...i thought that was really cool. now, i'm just kinda pale (for me), and that's ok. keep away the wrinkles, i say.

today there is a family medicine interest group meeting about our 3rd year family med rotation. i'm really excited about it...the way the school here does our rotation, we do 2 weeks at the hospital where i worked in the cath lab, and then 4 weeks in some community somewhere...they like for us to go to our hometowns if possible. fortunately (or not, haha), my mom works for a family med doc in my hometown so i've got a leg up if i want to rotate with that particular doctor. i'm just excited about the prospect of visiting the hospital i used to will be nice to NOT be the one unloading boxes and stocking shelves...but be the one directly working with the patient (or hopelessly following the family doc around). anywho, it will be nice to see the old gang again. they were an awesome bunch to work with!

i just drank a cappucino from the "ghetto starbucks". (my hospital has a licensed starbucks...basically the non-starbucks starbucks or whatever...they "proudly serve" the coffee, but the employees are all hospital employees. i hope that made sense.) ANYWAY, it was a damn fine cappucino, totally made my morning after being rained on, but now i am HUNGRY!!! 12:00 cannot come any sooner!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

abuse of the system RANT!!!


that is what i immediate thought after a friend directed me to this article regarding the california octo-mommy. since when is accepting disability and food stamps NOT considered welfare? government assistance equals welfare as far as i am concerned. blah! this woman pisses me off to no end...she and her obviously plumped up lips have some sort of angelina jolie complex. i bet she was hoping for a tv show or something with her bazillion kids. i am all for people who want children to pursue alternate routes, such as IVF or adoption, etc, IF THEY ARE ABLE TO ADEQUATELY CARE FOR SAID CHILDREN.

so let's make a checklist, shall we?
  • bankrupt
  • living at home with parents
  • already have 6 children
  • collecting disability, so obviously not working
  • not married, and refusing to marry boyfriend a.k.a. "sperm donor"
  • jacked up mental status
  • upon giving birth, hire publicists, etc, as to increase chances of getting on tv
oh, in this case all of the above are true! perfect case scenario for to bring 8 babies into the world! (blah, extreme sarcasm, obviously.) i am soooo glad that my family's tax dollars are going to help out this woman, instead of helping to build schools for hurricane ravaged towns or improving roads and bridges. i'm with the grandma...if she really "loved babies" or kids or whatever, why didn't she become a kindergarten teacher? i truly believe this woman is a selfish deluded whack job who obviously didn't put her [original 6] children first. it's only a matter a time until CPS comes in to save the day. and the doctor who did that to her should have his license revoked. seriously. where is common sense? where did it go? oh yeah, it got shot to hell a loooong time ago. alas.


ok, take a breather now.


we're learning about kidneys in path. i ate a kidney least a bite of was a pig kidney, and it was from a smoked pig roast. i could see all the pyramids and everything, and i ate it. and immediately felt the weird texture. taste wasn't too bad, but UGH the texture! throw in mental images from gross lab (yes, the pig kidney looked JUST LIKE the human kidney.) i wanted to spit it out, but i didn't. so yeah, never again will i eat a pig kidney.

also, someone sitting near me has some RANK BREATH at the moment. it is upsetting me. people, do we not remember how to use toothbrush and toothpaste? geez...and it's most definitely not me. i brush my teeth after breakfast every morning AND i keep a toothbrush and paste in my bookbag now. UGH!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


today is just so lovely outside! i have all my windows open so the natural light can semi-flood my apartment. today H and i went to the local coffee place to play some chess, then the gym to do gym things, and then to grocery store, and then back to my place where i made some ham and smoked fresh mozzarella and roasted red bell pepper and basil pressed sandwiches with my homemade SOURDOUGH bread!!! SOOOO DELICIOUS! H said that MY SANDWICH was better than the local panini place, and you know what? i made everything except for the cheese and ham and basil from SCRATCH. baked my own bread (of course), and roasted my own bell pepper. i probably spent around $5 to make 2 filling sandwiches, where 1 at the cafe is about $6. yep. i love it when i "stick it to the man". it makes me happy.

i'm so glad the week of tests is over...i look forward to these weekends where we technically have NOTHING required of us. still haven't gotten grades back for all the tests, but at this point, i know that i definitely passed micro, and that makes me really happy. i have 2 tests left to go in path and pharm and ICM, and we're picking up biostats, epidemiology, and psychiatry for the remainder of the year. what also makes me really happy is that i EASILY passed micro...there was no "biting of fingernails" or "crossing of fingers" to HOPE that i passed, i just plain ol' vanilla PASSED. it feels good to know that this year i have finally found my stride. M1 year just sucked for the most part...haha. M2 year, it's so much better. (all you M1s who might be reading my blog, trust me, it gets better.)

i think it's amusing that the healthcare 100 has ranked my blog in the top 300 or so of blogs! is it really that awesome? will i ever get into the top 200? 100? hahaha...that would be cool. but my blog is mostly for me to play and document what i'm going through for my sake, and if others like to read it, then that's great. haha, it's like my blog is my "pet".

so i'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day...i need to do some organizing and cleaning, and a part of me wants to make some DANISHES! or red velvet cupcakes...yum! or maybe i'll just nap. that will be good too!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

tests are fun, HA! just playing...

i'm sitting here trying to force myself to study pharmacology. i hate it. i really do. i do not want to be a doctor that is constantly having to prescribe medications. i know, weird, right? but then again, i want to do pediatrics and then on to genetics, so i guess i'll suffer through it. haha...maybe i'll grow to love them when i can just look them up on some online search engine or whatever. i just don't really care for them the way we're learning them. i guess that makes sense, or maybe it doesn't. oh well.

today's test was a bit simpler than the micro board yesterday. i mean, ICM is supposed to be easy, so whatever.

next week is going to be hellatious. i gotta plan a bunch of PIG stuff...we have an annual fund raiser that needs to be planned from top to bottom! so far me and the other officers have only brainstormed, but nothing is concrete. i have a few restaurants that i have in mind, so hopefully someone will have pity on us and give us a discount rate since we could be a "charitable organization". we're also going to start up BAKE SALE in the hospital. i know, i just like to bake, why not for a good cause??? we'll sell cupcakes and muffins and brownies and probably take orders for whole cakes, etc. so yeah, that needs to be planned. also, we are going to the children's hospital to visit the kids, AND there's an all-day event that we are helping the dental school out with. STRESSFUL. TOO MUCH STUFF IN ONE WEEK. oh well, at least we are putting our name out there and doing a lot of stuff. OH, and the NEXT week after that? a monthly meeting! yes, that's right! aaaaaah! at least i already have the speaker for that one lined up! and the meeting place. just gotta order the food...woo!

and then back to pharm...grr. i don't wanna!

speaking of drugs...i use this topical ointment called "protopic", generically known as tacrolimus to off-labelly treat some vitiligo on the side of my nose. now, most people don't even know it exists, but i do, and i want it gone! well, a weird side effect of this stuff is that when i drink any kind of alcohol, like beer or wine or whatever, within a few sips, the area that i put the ointment on turns BRIGHT RED. last night i drank 1/3 of a bottle of beer with dinner and my face just splotched up on BOTH sides! the redness goes away after a couple of minutes, does not itch, maybe it gives off heat, but i can't really tell. (usually when i drink my cheeks get rosy, but i think that's normal for some people.) i just want to know why it's happening...has anyone else ever experienced this? i would hate for it to happen if i were at a job interview dinner or something! hahaha...

ok, study.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

this is what happens when you get really hungry while studying...

so just to recap what i ATE today:

breakfast: granola. coffee. healthy enough, right?

coffee shop: coffee. only drank 1/3 of it. still going good.

lunch: STARVING. eat at vietnamese place. get vermicelli noodles with chicken and eggroll. also eat a spring roll for appetizer. still doing good.

immediately after lunch snack: ICE CREAM! coffee flavored. hmmm, must have craved that coffee that i didn't finish earlier.

snack because i was bored: handful of raisins. eh, boring, but ok.

since i'm at home, i decide to just eat dinner at home. sounds ok, right? normally my kitchen is stocked with good stuff to play with, but tonight, what did i have?
  • velveeta (eeeew!)
  • pears
  • kimchee
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • noodles (not again!)
  • lots and lots of beer (hahaha!)
  • bread
  • nutella
  • granola (can't eat it again)
  • yogurt (blah)
  • cupcakes (eh, not in the mood)
  • capers (random)
so...for dinner i whipped up the following: 2 slices of toast with generic nutella slathered on top. 2 scrambled eggs with kimchee (huevos kimchee-os!). hunk of cheddar cheese. water. i think i severely topped out my fat content for the day.

i felt like i was in college all over again. also, thank goodness for kimchee. it brightens up the most boring of days. seriously people, get thee some KIMCHEE!!!

and like a good med student, i'll be at the gym tomorrow following my uber healthy breakfast. i promise.

i think i can study now...

after friday's viro test i think now i can finally begin studying again full force. i think i did alright, but then again i always feel like i have the ability to fail horribly all at the last minute. wait, that's because i CAN do that because i HAVE. hahahaha!

this morning will consist of pathology review and some micro board questions. basically, me and K have camped out in local coffee shop du jour and will study until our stomachs tell us otherwise.

also, i had the "ugh" realization that today is february 1. FEB 1. that means that my usmle world question bank starts near the end of this month. yay for questions. february is so jam packed with activities, it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and murmur unintelligably.

ok, on to path, and then immuno review for micro board.