Thursday, January 29, 2009

virus hell

so not only am i in virus hell, i get to watch some of my classmates flirt with each other that state that they don't like each other but they DO. it's so painfully obvious, at least from one of them, but the other one gives off subtle signs as well. it makes me want to vomit!!! i just want to scream at them to just DATE ALREADY, or GO OUT, or something, but alas...that would just make me look stupid. (i am in a public place after all.)

"oooh, what is the answer to this? i just don't know!!!" (bats eyelashes and slightly thrusts out chest.)

"oh, you know, you're soooooo smart." (said in the voice reserved for the "special one".)

"oh i am? haha, i must just be sooooo scared about this test! how will i ever pass! tee hee! will you saaaaave meeeeee?"

insert frylime rolling eyes and vomiting into mouth.

test tomorrow is on viruses, also. i've been listening to some wonderful classical music on the iTunes radio list. it really gets my brain going and drains out all the other disgusting-ness going on around me! (seriously, i'm really tired of watching their "games". ugh.)

i have this fear that during my ob/gyn rotation i'm going to get hit in the face, or worse, the EYE, with a flying herpie!!! i'm going to go to a birth or something, and get attacked! by squirting fluids! and then pooped on! and then the herpes! it's too much, really. i think that 6 weeks will be the worst of my life. think of all the fluids! the warts!!! and then i'll go to catch the baby, my c-ring grip will slip, and i'll drop the infant into the piles of poop on the floor and then get guerilla warfared by an incognito HERPIE or HPV!!!

i will be so glad when micro is over next week after taking the board. i swear, this class has instilled more fear into me than any other one. you should see the extremes i go to to not touch doorknob handles coming out of bathrooms after washing my hands! also, WHY ARE THERE 2 DOORS COMING OUT OF A BATHROOM? that makes 2 OPPORTUNITIES for some poop germ to get on my freshly washed hands!!! another thing i don't understand are people who take poops while TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES. WHILE I AM IN THE NEXT STALL. OH THE HUMANITY.

ugh. ok back to arboviruses. which i am convinced that i will get west nile virus one day and just succumb. that's right. succumb.

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