Tuesday, January 27, 2009

updated the blog template, plus photos

i just got tired of looking at the gray background of the old template, so i changed it. also, kind of scared of using non-blogger templates...you should have seen my first attempt! everything just kind of jumbled up or disappeared...not cool. plus i didn't want any ads. i hate ads. blogger needs to start making more templates!

my lemon cupcakes were a hit!

lemon curd filling in a light lemon flavored cupcake...

final product! that's some sweetened condensed milk flavored buttercream. delicious...

so i'm thinking about doing some custom order baking on the side after STEP 1 is over...who knows if it would work though. at least i have a great hobby that makes people get all excited and is a nice study break.

in class the professor is talking about the "vaccines vs. autism" debate...i don't know about you, but i will be vaccinating my future children. vaccines do not cause autism. it just so happens that autism shows up early in life, which just happens to coincide with the time frame of vaccines. also, if you're a parent that has an un-vaccinated kid because you have loony ideas about whatever and the kid gets the particular disease the vaccine protects against, i would consider that to be child abuse. period. be thankful that your parents got you vaccinated so you wouldn't get polio or rubella or whatever, and do the same service to your kids.

virology test is on friday...viruses are scary things. micro board is next week, along with our other tests. then after all that, there's tons of PIG stuff going on february. i'll be glad when april is over...then it's just STEP 1 study time and NOTHING ELSE.

also, did you know that the flu vaccine is grown in embryonated chicken eggs? it makes me want to go home and eat some now...haha!

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Anonymous said...

Your baked goods look delicious. I want them.

And the new template is nice, too.