Wednesday, January 21, 2009

three cheers for president obama!

yesterday i tried in vain to watch the inaugural proceedings, but you can only do so much while sitting in class and trying to make the cnn/facebook live web feed work. plus i had no sound. so i comforted myself by reading the transcripts and all the blogs and whatnot. this morning i looked at all the pictures of the new prez and his first lady, who i must add looked FIERCE yesterday!!! i am such a fan of mixing colors together...i loved michelle obama's inaugural outfit, especially her SHOES! i want i want! she has great style. and sasha and malia looked super cute as it bad that i want to wear their coats?

clothing choices aside, i'm so happy that obama is president. i would have voted for him even if he was 100% white, but a part of me is happy that he is of mixed races. finally, someone who is president who is a halfie just like me. i really love the fact that his sister is half white half asian...because that is JUST LIKE ME! i appreciate his openness, his centrist attitude, and his pragmatic ways. i guess it's the engineer in me, but i really appreciate people who are systematic and practical, and i get those vibes from obama.

reading through the transcription of obama's inaugural speech really did inspire me. i know, people will say that he said the same old same old presidential crap, but the words really did strike something within me. it makes me excited that this man is our new president, and makes me excited about where this country is going. if we truly want to be the best nation in the world, we have a lot of work to more secrets, no more underhanded schemes, no more prejudice, no more subjecting the way WE do things to OTHER people in different countries. there's more than one way to tie a shoe, sometimes the way someone else ties it is just fine, sometimes they may just use the velcro, and sometimes they may need some help. there just needs to be better decision making in that regard, period.

one of the phrases in the speech that really hit home for me was the one about "setting aside our childish ways"...i know he meant that with regard to the nation, but why can't we as citizens set aside our childish ways and become more responsible for our own actions? (i know that "personal responsibility" is technically more of a republican idea, but shouldn't we all have personal responsibility ANYWAY?) instead of blaming X and Y for making us lose money, why not learn how to balance our own checkbooks and not spend more money than we own? instead of treating our environment like crap and wasting resources, why not make better energy choices and do things as simple as recycling or setting the thermostat on a lower heat setting and wearing a sweater if you're cold? if we had more personal responsibility in our everyday actions, then we probably wouldn't need all these government handout programs...the country would save money on certain programs and be able to invest where it really needs to: education, health care, and improving technology for the future.

ha, didn't mean to go on a soapbox there...just really excited about everything that is going on. also, the new website is AWESOME. i predict i'll be reading it a lot, especially now that there is a white house BLOG!!!

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