Sunday, January 25, 2009

on the menu for today...

  • read infectious disease chapter
  • go to gym
  • bake lemony yummy cupcakes (to be filled with homemade lemon curd that i made yesterday and topped with a sweetened condensed milk frosting)
i'll post a picture if i can remember to get my camera out of my car.

judging by the old tests, virology is doable, but blah! just really, blah blah blah!

a part of me wants to "liven up" my blog, but i kind of like how plain it is. honestly, i don't know how to change the background to something that's not "blogger" so that's my main thing holding me back.

so if i thought bacteria were scary enough, and parasites even more so...i must admit that VIRUSES are the most scary of all! like, what if i eat a prion? what if i get a virus and THEN a parasite? aaaaaah!

and then there's STEP 1 study. potential STEP 1 study, that is. today is going to stink. aaak!

1 comment:

allison said...

Lemon curd cupcakes = AMAZING!!!