Monday, January 05, 2009

learning the female pelvic exam

today i learned how to do a female pelvic exam and breast exam. no worries, they were both on plastic rubbery models! strangely enough, it wasn't a weird experience for me. then again, i have gone to the gyn a couple times so it shouldn't have been weird. (i bet the male pelvic exam will be weird to witness since i'm not a male!) but what was REALLY weird was watching some of the guys mash on the breast model! (random statement about the breast model: it was literally a torso with breasts...and the feel of it was just like those sticky "hand" know the thing you would hold one end and then "throw" the whole thing and it would stick to the wall...they also made sticky "wall people" that could "walk" down walls due to their sticky appendages...ok you get my drift.) omg...some of the would have thought they were trying to squish the daylights out of the breasts! yes, there were fake "lumps" that you really had to have a firm press to find, but gosh, there's some finesse involved in conducting a breast exam! for instance, use the PADS of your fingers....NOT THE NAILS. alas. it just cemented for me that i will only have female gyn' males if i can help it.

and public service announcement: all females should be seeing a gyn by the time they are 21, preferably 18. also, all females should perform self-breast exams once a month. (interestingly, the technique the doctor uses to examine the breast is the same as the patient self-examining...women, we can all do ourselves good by knowing our bodies!)

now for the pelvic exam...maneuvering the speculum through a plastic rubbery cave was kind of brutal! i know in real life it will be different because human flesh has a lot more give than RUBBER, but i must admit that i cringed a little at first. and the doctor showing us the techniques was really funny, but also appropriate and respectful with her comments. an example of her funny-ness: when describing the healthy cervix, she referred to it as "a doughnut with strawberry icing on top". for some reason that really makes me giggle. and also not want to eat a strawberry icing topped doughnut...haha!

so yeah, a nice start back to school. female pelvic exams! and doughnuts with strawberry icing!

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Edwin said...

Ah, memories...

My medical school memories of pelvic exams were with female models who were paid so that we could practice with 'the genuine article.' One of my classmates, while trying to think of what to say before beginning, said, 'I'm about to enter you.' 'Stop right there..let's talk about that,' she said.

Another time the same classmate, while doing a first time ever breast exam on a woman lactating, watched milk erupt into the air and said, 'Thar she blows!'