Friday, January 23, 2009

the funny thing about med school is... forget about the "rest of the world" sometimes.

the economic hardships that are affecting the nation haven't really affected me so much, but those hardships are starting to trickle in slowly but surely...

i just had one of "those" conversations with my dad about health insurance, money, etc. turns out the health insurance i'm on got changed once again, and whaddayaknow...where i live is most likely NOT IN THE NETWORK. so i'm going to have to be really picky about when/where i go see the i do it here? risk paying more? or do i drive to where my parents live (about a 45 minute drive), see a doctor, and drive back? decisions, decisions. the good thing is is that i can get free care at my school because i'm a student. well, things like "i need more asthma meds"...i can get a script easy for that.

i'm also looking at ways to cut first inclination was to move to a new apartment! haha...but if you think about it, the whole cost of MOVING would offset any savings i would gain. (yeah, i'm the smarty pants who has a PIANO. and i live on a second floor no elevator apartment.) and i like where i live. so i think the first step to cutting costs is to scale down to basic cable, rather than my fancy cable. i can catch most shows online these days anyway, so might as well.

i'm lucky that my car, though a gas guzzling SUV, is a gift to me from my parents. a free car. (that's what happens when you work hard and get your undergraduate schooling paid for through scholarships my friends. well, at least with me.) i am thankful that i don't have to worry about car issues for now. and since i've always told myself since my college days that i wouldn't even think about getting a new car until this one absolutely died or until i could easily afford to buy myself a new car...which means that i would have a job and savings and all that. so gas guzzling car of mine, you're here to stay for a good couple of years. get used to me!

i'm also lucky in that my parents have been helping me out with some of my living expense costs. (not school tuition or anything like that, but just regular month-to-month expenses.) a parental "stipend", if you will. another gift to me for being a "good student" in the past. however, as soon as my next loan period starts up, i will be taking care of myself all by myself...which is something that i am totally prepared to do. i never expected my parents to help me out forever, and i'm glad that when times are tough, and even though i will have to take out more loans, at least i have that option. is it weird that i'm also glad that there was a "reason" for my parents to say that i needed to fully support myself come june or so? it just makes the "release" a bit easier on all of us...they don't have to "yank" all their help away, and i don't have to demand to be "not" helped. (believe me, whenever i first found out i was going to med school, i told them i didn't want any financial support. they refused to not help me. when i went on medical leave, i told them that i had my own job now, don't give me money. they obliged, but said as soon as school started back, they would help me again.) they have been good parents to their daughter, and i am glad that they helped me out for as long as they did. but the times are a'changing, and i am fortunate to be in a situation where i can take care of myself.

i know i've been coveting some shoes lately...and i did just buy about $35 worth of baking stuff that i really don't need. ok, some of it i have been wanting for a while, and did some serious thinking about, so that purchase was justified. at least in my mind. ha! but as far as other purchases? i think i've been pretty good at not buying stuff i don't need...i will just have to prioritize a bit more to get the finances under tighter control. that won't be hard since i don't have much of a life anyway outside of school. HA!

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